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· Satchmi Vinyl Day, 2017 ·

June 8, 2017 3 Comments

Q: hi saab! :D I love dogs like how you love joey and seing dogs/pets around you :) can you suggest some doggy products to prevent ticks or solve them? any at-home-pet care for them will do, thanks! :D
A: Use Frontline spray or solution every month (5 days before or after bath) to kill ticks/fleas. To prevent them, you’ll need to spray citronella every time you bring her outside. It’s like humans and anti-lamok :) I got it from my vet (Pendragon).

Q: Hi Saab! What’s your favorite nude lipstick brand and shade? :) -V
A: MAC Velvet Teddy but I can’t find mine :( I always put my lipstick in my pocket when I have gigs, etc. and I end up losing them. Huhu. Try to go for one that’s a little darker than your actual skin tone or else you’ll look like you’re wearing concealer on your lips hehe.

Q: Ano po yun exact motif ng wedding niyo!? ♥
A: Hindi ko alam. I wanted leaves and a cozy-library-in-a-cabin feel. I guess the theme was (and we came up with it AFTER everything haha) our favorite things.

Q: Saab, my boyfriend of 3 years only responds to his brother’s girlfriend’s tweets and not even my own! Wtf! What do i do?
A: Well that’s weird. Maybe ask him why?

Q: hi saab. do you think it’s okay if my bf is hanging out w/ someone whom i think is gay? i’m not comfortable w/ them being close. feeling ko nagiging Bi na sya. or OA lang ako? what to do
A: Hmm. I don’t think it’s an issue if your boyfriend’s friend is gay or not. Your issue is trust. Would he cheat on you? Talk to him about how you’re feeling. Maybe he can clear things up.

Q: Hi Saab! What do you think of Gilmore Girls and Lorelai and Rory and etc? Lol cos I’ve been watching it also and I seem to have different opinions abt it from everybody else D:
A: I was a little annoyed at the start but when I got past the nitpicking (“UGH THEY’RE PROMOTING THE IDEA THAT GIRLS CAN EAT SO MUCH JUNK BUT HAVE A FLAT BELLY!!” “GOD, LORELAI IS SO SELF-ABSORBED!”), I really fell in love with the show. It’s so funny and charming but I thought it also tackled abandonment issues and how important of a role each parent plays in a child’s development and self-esteem.

Q: hi saab! :D inuulit mo ba yung mga dress mo? if yes, mga ilang beses? tapos what do you do with them? donate? or nagc-closet sale u? dami questions marks noh? hehe labyu <3
A: Yes, inuulit ko nang inuulit! Some I donate, some I sell :)

Q: Please publish a book about your blogging life/history/dos and donts, your fashion, life with Jim etc basta about you!!! Bibili kami promise!!!
A: Ack, I have insecurities about this. I feel like a published book is to be earned and I don’t think I’m worthy yet although I’ve had a book deal for almost 3 years now :(((

Q: Hi, Saab! What would you do if you found out that Jim is talking to another girl? Not necessarily flirting, but getting to know the girl.
A: Well that depends. If Jim makes any new friends (boy or girl), if they’re interesting, he tells me about it because he gets excited. We’re at a point in our lives na when I have a super fun friend, I WANT/NEED to introduce him/her to Jim and vice versa. So we can all experience how fun that person is. Haha. It’s like when you’re watching a really good movie or show and you stop it because you want to experience it with your best friend in the world. So if he is finding this girl interesting but hiding it from me, I wouldn’t be okay with it because that behavior is weird based on our past experiences.

Q: Hi Saab! Any tips/advice on how to have glowing skin? Also which do you prefer pra sa skin mo: Kayumanggi, Maputi, or sakto lang? (shet ano ung sakto lang?)hahahah
A: Take off your makeup every night and put serum on it before going to sleep. And use highlighter on your cheekbones — it makes a huge difference. And I’m happy with my skin which is sakto lang, I think. Hahaha

Q: I’m seriously loving cheats’ album. Wondering when will you release your next album? :) P.S. hoping for another episode of Wake up with Jim&Saab.
A: YAY! Our next album will be released later this year :) And yes, I should really get around to filming the next WUWJ&S!!

Q: Saaby, what’s your shirt size on linya linya shirts? I’m confused kasi what size to get. I’ll base my size on yours nalang. :)
A: XS!:)

Q: Hi Saab!! What do you think of Britney Spears? :) Love you!!! <3
A: Love her!

Q: are you going to the phoenix concert on august? :)
A: No, I’m good na watching their last concert here. I spent it standing in line for a beer for the WHOLE show. Haha! Worst experience.

Q: Hi Saab! What’s your skin type?
A: I believe it’s called flawless? OMG!! Hahahaha jk. I think I have combination skin.


June 9, 2017



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    June 8, 2017

    Your answer to the last question tho. YASSS.

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    June 9, 2017

    Wait, whaaaat? You have a book deal? Yaaayy we should capitalize on this! Hehe but kidding aside, tama si questioner (lelz). Even if you only publish an endless photobook with Joey Bear’s pictures on it, it will sell :D But in all honesty though, I know you would want to churn out ~quality~ stuff so I will be one to patiently wait for this book deal to come to fruition ❤

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      June 9, 2017

      Thank you, Mayee <3<3<3