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Ask Saab 67

June 9, 2017 2 Comments

Q: How would you handle a cheating boyfriend? Have you ever cheated on someone, or somebody cheated on you, or somebody cheated on their girlfriend because of you?
A: How to handle a cheating boyfriend: leave him. Based on experience, I would say a person can change, but I don’t think I would have lasted with my exes if we gave it another shot. Because if we were able to do that to each other, that means we’re not in love. And if you want to be in a loving relationship, what the heck are you still doing together? To answer your next questions: Yes, yes, and yes. I’d like to note that when I cheated, it was emotional and never physical but I don’t want to make excuses for my behavior. It’s just as horrible. You can judge me all you want but Jim knew all about my “dark days” and he still wanted to marry me so suck on that. Char.

Q: Hi Saab. Wala lang, my 2 dogs just died, nagkahawaan sila ng sakit (hindi pa ma-rule out kung ano). Gusto ko lang sabihin na whenever I see Joey, nagiging happy ako. :( Thank you sa inyo :( <3
A: OMG BAKIT ANG DARK NG MGA SUBMISSIONS NIYO NUNG MARCH?:(((((((((( So sorry to hear about your dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: Hi Saab! Who’s your favorite disney princess?
A: Cinderella only because siya yung assigned sa akin ng dalawang ate ko. So parang default siya na yung naging favorite ko. Hahaha. But tbh I relate more with Meg from Hercules. When I was in grade school I dressed up as her one Halloween and I felt so beautiful. I love Mulan, too. DUH! But I can’t say I can relate to her because omg who can?? She’s the bravest — no one can compare. Love her. Shit siya.

Q: Hi Saab! What is your fav NBA team?


A: Indiana Pacers. CHAROT. Omg wala akong favorite pero masaya manood ng close games.

Q: How is your relationship with your in-laws? Do you have any tips to avoid conflicts with them? Thanks I loved your podcasts wish ther would be more
A: I love my in-laws. They really treat me like their own. Sige, we’ll do an episode na may tips to avoid conflict. Thanks for the prompt!

Q: Dear Saab, always I turn to you for recommendations especially for music. So in this light, what song do you listen to most when you’re in the gym? Walking your dog? Angry?Working? please please pls.
A: Omg thank you, girl. GYM: Beyonce – Sweet Dreams, WALKING DOG: St. Vincent – Cruel, ANGRY: Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name Of, WORKING: Albert Hammond, Jr. – Spooky Couch

Q: hi saab :) magkakaron ba this year ng matrix 8 inch cut for cancer challenge? inaantay kasi namin sya last year :) and andun din ba kayo ni maxene if ever matuloy this year? :)
A: Hello! No word yet from the organizers!:)

Q: Pls make linyalinya swimsuits this summer! Do the very famous sexy one piece swimsuit with your witty texts in front. Bcos i want the Damn, Sun!! as a design! Haha. Hopefuly u see this b4 summer ends
A: Omg too late huhuhu NEXT SUMMER!!!

Q: Hey girl! Do you use an e-book reader? I was thinking of buying for my daily commute. Any suggestions? Thank you! You rock! :)
A: Yes, I love my Kindle Paperwhite!

Q: Hey, Saab! Did you make the playlist at Cup Fiction? Currently here and it’s full of Tennis! HAHAHA
A: Yes, naka-shuffle dapat yan!!! Hahahaa

Q: is it okay if you blog about the difficult times in your life? i think that a lot of us can relate to it hehe and you give good advice as well
A: Omg baka yan nalang ang dapat theme ng future book ko. TRIGGEREDT

Q: Do you & Jim always wear your wedding rings? May “usapan” ba kayo ni Jim na you guys will always wear your marriage band everyday? I’m getting married soon and I need to hear an idea about this e.
A: Wala namang usapan pero… Oo. Haha! Is there a reason you wouldn’t want to wear it everyday? It never gets in the way naman.

Q: (cont. re: wedding ring) Ako kasi personally, kapag kinasal na kami ng bf ko, gusto ko sanang suot namin everyday yung wedding ring namin. Wala lang. OA ko ba? Or yun naman talaga yung dapat? Haha!
A: Ay may continuation pala!! Ayan. Oo normal naman talaga. Parang malabo kung tanggalin unless his line of work is super heavy lifting and he doesn’t want to f it up. Although Jim plays basketball wearing his ring. Never takes it off.

Q: Hi Saab! San mo nbili ung rainbow case mo? i want huhu
A: @pinksider_gs on Instagram!

Q: Pumasok ba sa isipan mo ang Education course? What can you say to all teachers? Much Love from Cebu since 20010 <3
A: Teachers are our saviors. Yes, I thought of teaching reading/writing to grade schoolers :) Love you! Parang ang tagal pa ng 20010 though! Hehehe.


June 10, 2017



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    June 29, 2017

    Hi saab! Just dropping by to tell you that I really admire you so much. I really find you smart and pretty. Your blogs inspire me to write as well. I even got ur arm tattoo on my arm too! Exactly like that! Hehe! I love everything about you. The way you dress the way you put your make up, everything! Also, me and my boyriend love starwars too! hayyyyy i want to meet you in person. Hopefully I can get the chance to see Cheats play live. So i can take a picture with you! That’s all! Love lots! -kristen

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      July 13, 2017

      Thank you so much!! You are very sweet. Hope to see you too :)