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June 10, 2017 0 Comments

Q: hi saab, im diane and im planning 2 buy a macbook air. wud u recommend it? aside from writing docs i also edit pics and vids using the ‘adobe family’.
A: Yes, I’m obsessed with mine. I can bring it everywhere. Just make sure to buy the adaptor that lets you plug in USB cables!

Q: You look like Jim’s sister Nunki! hehe I’m planning my wedding now and gustong-gusto ko padin ang backdrop mo na books :) Hope you don’t mind if I copy? :D
A: Sure, maybe use damaged books as well para hindi sayang :)

Q: Saab ilang gb ung iPhone 7 mo? 128gb or 256gb?
A: 256gb!

Q: hi! can you give an idea or suggestions on what to do for my 30th birthday? i want to do something na kakaiba. im planning to have a childrens party like. but im open for suggestions. thanks.
A: Tita/Tito party. “Come in your most tita/tito attire” tapos start and end early. Haha

Q: Hi Saab! May I know kung anong ginagamit mong pills and sunscreen or sunblock whatever. Cos I want to take care of my skin na but I don’t know anong product maganda. Thanks!
A: Hi! I don’t take any pills! I use Kiehl’s sunscreen on my face and I should probably start using sunscreen on my body every day 😅 I’ll look for one.

Q: How to love yourself and to feel accepted? Any tips?
A: Start by actively trying to be a good person. Stop yourself when you think of bad thoughts and panlalait sa ibang tao. I like myself when I’m nice to other people. When I lose my cool and malabas ko sa ibang tao, I feel so horrible.

Q: Hi Saab! Tips naman on how to have proper time management :( Grabe how do you read books + watch shows + keep up w pop culture + work + spend time w loved ones in a span of 24 hrs??
A: I’m lucky because I don’t have a 9-5 job so it’s up to me to figure out how to arrange my schedule! Try a bullet journal – it works wonders for my projects and time management! I actually write READ on maluwag days :) Then when I’m done na with all my tasks, I can watch all the shows I want.

Q: hey saab! may i ask why 1-2 times/month lang naliligo si joey? or typo lang yun dapat per week? is it the vet’s recommendation or may effect sakanya if masyado ang bath time?
A: It’s really 1-2 times a month :)

“I recommend you bathe a dog with normal skin once a month with dog shampoo or human baby shampoo. If you want to bathe more often than once a month, use a soap-free or moisturizing shampoo to prevent the skin from becoming dry.” – Cesar Milan

Joey’s an indoor dog so she only walks outside twice a day, gets wiped down when she comes home. She doesn’t stink. I brush her hair every other day.

Q: What was your life like when you were in ateneo? :)
A: Magulo. I wish I were more focused haha.

Q: Hello, SaaBAE! How do you keep your hair healthyyy? I’m really loving your hair 😭🙏🏻
A: Thank you!!! Dove shampoo and conditioner lang yan!! LELZ

Q: Hey, Saab! :) I’ve been following your social media accts for a long time already & been reading you blog since 2011. How are you so contented with life? Have you tried the feeling of being insecure
A: Never! Ma-try nga minsan. Chos. Oo naman, especially when I was younger. Now that I’m 28 and I’ve experienced a lot of good and bad things, I can’t help but think that life is going by so fast and I don’t want to waste it dwelling on the bad stuff. Ganito thought process ko: Feel bad? What can you do about it? EDI DO IT. Hehe.

Q: Hi Saab, is there going to be another Domestic Dispute episode? Super aliw to listen to you and Jim talk!
A: Coming very soon :)

Q: Hi Saab! OMG you are my ultimate girl crush ♥ Anyway, here’s my question: What brand of pills do u use? I’ve been struggling with acne for YEARS & I’m thinking of finally getting on the pill.
A: Thank you! I used to take Yasmin but I don’t take birth control anymore!:) Consult your doctor before taking it!

Q: I’m amazed @how your mom get you into taking pills. However, did you consult any obgyne before taking it? Huhu I’m shy kasi but I want to take some too. Any advice on what do’s and dont’s bout it?
A: Yes, of course, consult a doctor first. I can’t exactly remember all the details but I took one brand but I think I got SUPER emotional on it as in I was super duper masungit. So my doctor advised me to take a different brand and monitor my behavior. There are brands na mas “hiyang” ka, so make sure to be aware of how you feel when you start taking it. Be honest with your doctor.

Q: How do you choose the book you read?
A: Whichever I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to read already.


June 11, 2017