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· Photo by Nicky Aureo | Satchmi Vinyl Day, 2017 ·

June 11, 2017 0 Comments

Q: Hi Saab! You have so many MAC products!! Do you buy them or are they sponsored? Just curious :)
A: Some I buy, some are gifts from MAC :)

Q: Hi Saab! Di ko kasi alam yung name ng ibang songs nyo. Inupload ko sa Youtube Channel ko. If ever, ask ko sana. hehe 2 videos sya magkasunod :) THANKS!

A: OMG it’s the first time I’ve seen these! Love it! From Russ Davis’ last Fresh Filter gig. Awww! Candy couldn’t make it because she had a super bad eye infection, one of her eyes was sealed shut!! Haha! But hey, thanks for the videos. I hope you don’t mind, I’ll repost them on Cheats’ page :) These songs are called Headfoam and False Alarm :)

Q: Hi! Saab i jut finished watching your motning routine and i scroll down your videos i noticed your whats in my bag? Is not working can you pls. Fix it coz i wanted to watch it, thank you!
A: Whatt let me check. That was taken YEARS ago! Okay, I just clicked it and it’s working naman.

Q: Hello Saab! Where do you workout? Parang ang ganda kasi ng gym na pinupuntahan mo 😄
A: Just the gym in our condo :)

Q: Hi Saab!!! What’s your daily workout routine?
A: Oh my goodness I haven’t gone to the gym in a month 😅 Tomorrow!! I’ll go back to my routine. Hehe. Weights MWF and light cardio TTHS :)

Q: Hi Saab! Have you read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho? What are your thoughts about it?

Q: Hi Saab! Have you read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho? What are your thoughts about it?
A: Nope, never read that one!

Q: My friends who are a couple are competing w/me & my bf. Parang gusto nila sila lang masaya, sila lang sweet . Whatever me and BF does, dapat sila rin. What to do? :|
A: LOL that’s strange!! Okay lang, hayaan niyo sila and if you think that this is a real thing that’s happening (if it’s not just in your head) then maybe you guys shouldn’t hang out with them because that’s just weird.

Q: Hi Saab. I reread your May 2015 blog about Budgeting. How is it now? Do you think you improved a lot? Need your thoughts ’cause I just moved out from my parents’ house. Thanks!
A: I’m still lost sometimes but why don’t you go ahead and try You Need A Budget app (I use my desktop) so you can see an overview of your expenses?

Q: Hi! Saab, Do the magalonas own the pinto art? Wala lang! Thanks!🙂
A: I wish! No, we don’t.

Q: Favorite/Best Pinoy rock band.?
A: Sandwich

Q: Hi Saab! I have a boyfriend for 8 years, and he cheated on me, then He wants to win me back. what should I do?
A: Stay away

Q: hi saab, me and “my” guy are dating(?) for almost 4 years and when i asked him about our status he said more than friends, and lovers. he’s super loyal naman and sweet but kelan kaya magkakalabel?
A: Hmm, baka siya ang dapat tanungin mo niyan, hindi ako :p Wow, 4 years! Does that mean you’re not exclusive? Are you okay with that? If not, you should let him know. It’s been too long for you to still be shy to ask for what you really want. Just be ready to let go in case he’s not on the same page as you.

Q: Current hair color? Thank you
A: Medium brown with some highlights! I want to go light again though.

Q: Hi Saab! Did you wear false eyelashes on your wedding day? I’m planning to wear light make-up on my BIG day and look more natural so I’m curious about your wedding make-up. -Ladine
A: Yes, Jigs Mayuga my makeup artist used individual lashes. Although some of it fell off when I cried during the ceremony so just have your makeup artist on standby every time after you cry so he/she can retouch your face :)


June 12, 2017