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· Photo by Nicky Aureo | Satchmi Vinyl Day, 2017 ·

June 12, 2017 0 Comments

Q: I’m getting married soon and while I’m so excited about it, I’m also scared of losing my privacy. As in I enjoy being alone, talking to myself, shooting faux makeup videos, and vlogging. How do I overcome this feeling of pagka-conscious? Soon we’ll be living together and will be sharing a room, mahihiya na ko magshoot and stuff kasi generally uninterested sya sa blogging :(
A: Well, if you guys are getting married he most probably knows about your love for vlogging, etc. And I understand the feeling of being self-conscious, ganon rin naman ako. But you have to overcome that because it’s probably not that big of a deal to him. I’m sure he also has his own need for alone time. Find the few hours in the day when he’s also busy with his own stuff to squeeze in your own stuff as well. Just make sure you don’t get in the way of his personal space. Take advantage nalang whenever he’s not home. Hehe.

Q: Hi, Saab! Can you give me a tip on how to perfectly name my blog?
A: Oh no! Hmmmm. Well I’m obviously a fan of alliteration so why don’t you try and make something up according to the first letter of your name? :)

Q: Hi Saab :) Do you have time to watch TV ? parang ang busy nyo ni papa jim HAHAH. anyways tips naman to start a blog. and last pa shout out hahaha John Rose :))))))
A: Yes, when we’re done with the day’s to-do list we binge-watch whatever we want! Hehehe. Movie and TV nights are a very big deal for us. We like watching stuff over dinner.

Q: Hi Saab! Have you watched Black Mirror? What are your thoughts about it? Di ba ang gandaaaa? Hahaha Love you forever!
A: Yes!!! I love Black Mirror!!

Q: Do you believe in God? Like, I mean, Jesus Christ? Do you pray? Just curious cause you arent expressive about your faith like Maxx hehe
A: Yes, I do. I try to pray nightly to enumerate stuff I’m thankful for and things I need guidance for the following day. It helps me become a more positive person because even if the day is generally shitty, I make it a point to find something I’m thankful for even if it’s just the fact that I was able to wake up that morning. Plus, it helps me become more organized because I remember the things I need to do the following day. Hehe.

Q: Hi! I hope this isn’t too privy but what birth control pills were you using before? Did you buy it from your doctor or from drugstores lang? Did you take it *exactly* at the same time or were there times na nalate ka kahit minutes lang? Thank youuuu.
A: Yasmin. I bought from Mercury Drug! I tried to take it at the same hour every day. If you miss it, it’s fine as long as it’s within a few hours, I think. Read the fine print on your specific brand — all the “rules” are there. Just put an alarm on your phone. I’d recommend just taking it when you wake up every day.

Q: how would you feel if your boyfriend’s ex still talks to his family and wants to keep in touch? is it wrong to feel slightly upset about it?
A: I made a vlog about this hahahaahaha

Q: Hey Saab, is a relationship being “rushy” when you get to say ILY to each other after 2 months of deeply knowing each other?
A: I don’t think so. Mga high school nga, ILY agad one week palang magka-text LOL. But seriously, if you feel it already, why not? I think kami rin ni Jim around that timeline nag ILY. Take note we were both tipsy when we said it haha but look at us now!!

Q: Hi Saab!! :) Having a patriotic dad, what can you say about Abra’s song entitled “King Inang Bayan”? The thought just occured. Sorry. He he. You’re soooo beautiful. Always. Love, A. :*
A: I don’t think I’ve heard that song but being patriotic doesn’t mean being blind to our country’s faults. Just based on the title it could mean two things, both good and bad. My dad also criticized our leaders in some of his songs, just maybe not as crass as this one. But hey, freedom of speech! Thanks :)

Q: Ilang blackberry phones, naging cellphone mo, nung hindi pa nun masyado lumalabas pa nun ang iPhone. saan kayo bumibili ng blackberry phones noon? Sa greenhills? O dun sa binibilhan ng Mama mo. Pati si maxene saan din nabili? Lahat kayo nka-blackberry phones.. same din nung mga friends mo. Blackberry Bold. may blackberry torch ka dati ano, nawla nga lang. Ang mahal ng phone na yan, dati.
A: Wow that’s a lot of “Blackberry” in one question. Bought some of mine in Greenhills and some from Maxx and mom’s suki. I think I had 4 or 5 different Blackberry models. I had the white Blackberry Tour. It was gorgeous, I loved that phone. But the trackball was problematic. I miss my Blackberry. BBM was how Jim and I first connected, actually. Hehe.

Q: Hi Saab! Do you invest in the stock market or mutual funds?
A: Mutual Funds, I let the bank do the thinking. Hehe.

Q: Hi Saab, what do you do to keep Joey’s fur from getting tangled? Do you use a deshedding brush on her to prevent too much shedding?
A: I have a Furminator!

Q: What’s your opinion about wearing & not wearing your wedding ring everyday? Does it bother you when Jim don’t wear his ring? And vice-versa.
A: I think if you don’t have a good reason not to wear your ring, I would divorce you. CHAROT. Jim never not wears his ring. He even wears it playing basketball. I don’t tell him to wear it, I think he’s just afraid to lose it. As am I.

Q: I miss you Saab. How’s lifeeeee???
A: Okay naman!!!!!