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· With Frank & Maxx, 1989 ·

June 13, 2017 2 Comments

Q: Who is the real BabyGirl? You or BP Valenzuela? :)
A: She can have it — I’m now Grown Girl. Lol.

Q: Hi saab! when would cheats launch the second album? im from cebu and willing to fly agad agad to see you guys 😘
A: Late October this year! SEE YOU THERE!!

Q: Do you tell Jim when u’r having mood swings because of PMS? Hubby and I always fight bout this. I can’t even understand myself pag may PMS and he’s pushing me to tell him what’s wrong. It’s hard. Huhu
A: I think you have to start tracking your period and being aware of your behavior so when you catch yourself being irritable or bitchy (or bitchier than usual hehehe), just give your husband a heads up. Sometimes I snap and realize it might be because my lower back hurts cos I’m about to get my period so I say sorry right away and explain it must be my hormones. Then he hugs me and he knows to try extra hard not to get on my nerves for the next few days 😁 Of course, I don’t like not being in control so I also try extra hard to breathe and be patient. Here’s a link that might be helpful.

Q: Hi Saab 😊 Just want to ask what kind of birth control pill are you using? My ob-gyne recommended Diane 35, are you using the same brand? Thanks! 😊😘
A: I used to be on Yasmin but I’m off it right now ☺️ I’ll probably go back on it next month!

Q: Hi, Saab! Do “What’s on my iPhone” tag! Yung may real-time-scrolling-video effect. Yung naka-display sa screen yung screen ng iPhone mo. Hahaha. Hindi ko alam yung term, pero yun na yon. Char.
A: Omg that’s so scary. Hahaha. Sige, i-research ko yan.

Q: Hey saab we kinda have similar face shape and I would like an advise on what type of eyeglasses to wear. Hehe please include pics if possible. Thank you so much! :-)
A: Hello! Here are some useful links for round faces and eyeglasses: 1 2 3

Q: Hi! Do you sometimes leave Joey alone in your condo? How do you make sure she’s able to pee/poop at the right place and eat/drink? Thanks!
A: Hello! We hired someone to help around the condo and that includes keeping Joey company. But before we hired her, I trained Joey to use a pee pad just in case she needs to pee while indoors. She has water available 24/7 but her food is out only a couple of minutes and if she doesn’t finish it, I take it away. This ensures she eats all of her food in one go and she isn’t allowed to play with it. Dogs tend to take their food for granted if it’s out all day.

Q: Hi Saab! Have you tried Laser Underarm Hair Removal? Im tired of waxing, I want a permanent solution to my unwanted ua hairs. Can you suggest a good clinic or doctor? Thank you! All the best, Saab! :)
A: Yes! I would suggest Flawless or Strip :)

Q: Hi! I am also a big fan of Archie comics! However I don’t like Riverdale! They’re too mature for me (ruining the innocent image of Archie and the gang). :(. Do you like it? What do you think?
A: Omg it’s so bad it’s good. Haha. Gusto kong batuhin yung TV pag nanonood ako ng Riverdale. But I understand that it’s like what The OC/One Tree Hill/Gossip Girl was for my batch. Super duper cheesy teen drama that we ate up. It’s slightly offensive to Archie Comics fans like us, but just don’t take it so seriously, I guess. Or you can just opt to turn off the TV! I watch Pretty Little Liars and How To Get Away With Murder so nakakayanan ko naman 😅

Q: Hey Saab!! 😊 Recently I love reading your blogs even stalking on your IG account 😜,Jim and my love from a far looks a like ,(hindi kase kami pwede),ASK SAAB?I just really want to know how to fall in ❤️Again
A: Thank you so much!:) Falling in love is something that cannot be taught. It just happens!

Q: Hi, Saab! When will be the 3rd episode of WUWJ&S released? 😁 Outro of the 1st epiaode kept on repeating in my head. #ThisIsNormal 😂🙈

Q: hi. will it upset you when your bf hides that he’s still talking to his ex? its not everyday but when they do its a bit “flirty” how do i deal with this? he doesnt know that im checking his fb.
A: I always say that if you ever find yourself having to check his Facebook account, you really should be questioning your relationship. I’ve been with Jim for almost 7 years and whenever he leaves his Facebook page logged in, I freak out a little bit and log out right away. It’s an invasion of privacy and that’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Please stop checking his Facebook account and talk to him instead. Communication is key! If he lies to you, then you have your answer. Why should you “deal with it” — you should ditch the liar.

Q: You have such great skin! Aside from your beauty regimen, what type of food do you avoid? From what i know dairy is number uno enemy of our skin as it causes ACNE!
A: Thank you! I don’t avoid food naman, especially dairy!! I love cheese! I drink lots of water though. And I don’t drink soda.

Q: Sad that your comment box in SaabTV is close. I just want to say that Jim’s voice over is so hilariously funny! hahaha! Ansabeh?! I so love it Saab!
A: Hehehe thank you! Nao-overwhelm ako if I have to monitor comments on YouTube rin eh. That’s like a whole new world of trolls. I’d rather not deal with them 😅

Q: How do you define success?
A: Success allows you to sleep well at night.




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    Raquel H.

    June 13, 2017

    frank, you, and maxx: such cutie pies!!! ♥

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    Zaia flaviano

    June 14, 2017

    Cool parents=cool kids