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June 14, 2017 4 Comments

Q: Hi Saab-eautiful. mehe! still on a colplay high ako. what’s your fave coldplay song? Ay sorry, songs pala. I demand three! HAHAHAHAHA xx
A: Hello! The Scientist, Clocks, Shiver

Q: Hi Saab, you are my fitspiration.I tried low carb diet, at first, I saw results agad pero after 1 month parang hnd narin ako nglolose ng weight.pls write a blog sna about your latest diet/fitness plan
A: Hello! For the past week I’ve been on a low carb diet, too! This week I started going back to my gym routine so I don’t expect weight loss bec I know I’ll be building muscle. More of toning ang target ko :) I would recommend reading up on intermittent fasting. I follow the fitness program of Kinobody.

Q: hi saab. my bf of 7yrs came out to me as a bisexual. he’s attracted to both men & women but assures that he loves me & want to be with me forever. i love him too so much but i’m anxious. what to do?
A: I understand the initial shock, but try to keep an open mind. Maybe you shouldn’t focus on his sexual preference but who he is as a person. Is he the type to stray? Being with someone who is bisexual means there’s “twice as much competition,” as a boyfriend once told me. Even if your boyfriend was straight, he would still be sexually attracted to other women. That’s just the way we’re built. The question is if he’s going to do something about it. Are you clear about your monogamy? I’m sure you have a lot of questions that only he can answer. I wish you guys the best!

Q: Hi! When will you have a garage sale? Luv yew so much! :)
A: Hello! I have nothing to sell na hahaha. Maybe later this year!

Q: what’s your stand regarding the Prohibition of selling birth control pills? haha
A: Let women control their bodies. Tangina.

Q: Are you planning to have meet and greet to your fans or followers this summer? ☺
A: Naku tapos na ang summer!! Let’s set one within the next two months!!

Q: How to achieve a feed goals on IG like yours?😍 any tips ate Saab😚
A: FEED GOALS?! Hahah thanks! That’s “bahala na” feed :))

Q: what camera are you using?
A: Just my iPhone 7+

Q: Hi Sab 💛 is it worth the fight if you are in a relationship with a single dad for almost 2yrs yet you feel he’s not ready to officially introduce you to his relative and fam? (But ive met others)
A: Hmm. 2 years is a long time to be kept a secret. I think it’s worth talking about. What are his reasons? You should also think of yourself. You can’t just keep understanding his situation. Communicate!

Q: Saab, I really need your help. I wouldn’t have posted a link on my blog but my question is too long so please help me. :( I want you to know that your opinion really matters to me not because I am making sipsip but because you’re just very honest and smart!!! -Thea
A: I didn’t read all the links because ang dami, but my friend was going through a similar dilemma yesterday. He said “baka siraan niya ako!” and I asked, “kanino ka niya sisiraan?” “sa friends niya” “okay, tapos?” and na-enlighten siya. Ang daming times ko na rin na-“siraan” and na-bash ng friends. Yes, it hurt but maybe you shouldn’t stay friends with people who treat you that way, right? Why bother? Move on. Make new friends. Stay in the present because you can only control yourself and what kind of person you are today. If you said mean things in the past or whatever, you can apologize if you want to but only if you mean it. But don’t expect anything more than that. Just let go.

Q: What’s your blog’s value or Mission statement? Thanks!
A: Ay! Ano to, business review?? Cheret. My only mission is to share my experiences with other people, hoping we learn something from each other.

Q: Please dont mind my question I am just curious. Where does Joey poop/take a pee in your condo? is she trained to do her thing in a specific area?
A: She has a pee pad and yes, she’s trained to pee there. She only poops outside (she walks twice a day) but if she’s not able to walk, she only poops on her pee pad.

Q: Hi, Saaby! Are you going to write about the mini Spell Saab meetup in Sydney? Curious to find out how it went! :D
A: Oo nga noh!!! Sige.

Q: What’s your hair color as seen in your photo in Sydney? :) Thanks!
A: Naku I really don’t know na what my hair color is/was! It’s medium brown with some highlights? I want to go light again though!


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    June 14, 2017

    Ang saya ko andami mong updates lately, ako na yung hindi makakeep up.:))) Thanks Saab!

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    June 15, 2017

    Woww! updated ang ask saab, updted din akong magbasa, saya! :)

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    June 22, 2017

    I’ll help again with the meet up if you need people! And I’ll be sure to attend this time! Huhu!!

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      July 13, 2017

      Yes, please!!