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Ask Saab 73

· Photo by Caloy Encluna | Satchmi Vinyl Day, 2017 ·

June 15, 2017 0 Comments

Q: After 2 weeks of no communication, My boyfriend decided to call it quits, because his family doesn’t want me. What’s the best thing to do Saab? :(
A: I’m sorry, I don’t have all the details but if his family doesn’t like you and he can’t stand up for you, you really shouldn’t be with him. It’s okay, if you know you’re a good person and you were never disrespectful or rude to his family, you should not let their disapproval bother you so much.

Q: what app do you use for your instagram photos? (if vsco) what are those presets u use??? :) I really find your feed instagrammable plus life goals!
A: Oh thank you! I use presets from VSCO on Adobe Lightroom Mobile (it’s pretty complicated) pero hindi ako mapakali laging nagiiba haha.

Q: Hi Saab! Can I copy your theme? ’cause I really like it. Perfect for my travel blog. very minimalist . Pleassssse! Thanks!
A: Sure.

Q: Hi Saab! What camera are you using again? Any tips on buying a camera nga pala. Thankyou!

A: I have a Sony A6000. I would suggest doing your research and checking which one suits your lifestyle the best.

Q: Hi saab, you are my person peg hehehe love you! Sa tingin mo, posible talagang mahal ka pero hindi na masaya sayo? Huhu
A: Thanks for the compliment! Yes, I think so. But I think that’s not romantic love anymore :(

Q: Hi, Saab! What hair removal do you do for your underarm, legs and bikini area? Can you share about it hehe thanks!
A: I shave underarms and legs, and I wax bikini area!

Q: Hi Saab! Ur my girl crush. Relationship goal ko din kayo ni Jim. But my question really is how do you deal with people asking you kung kelan kayo magkakababy? Newly wed ir na lagi natatanong. Thanks!
A: I said “in 2 years” back in 2015, and I still say “in 2 years” today. Haha

Q: Where do you buy your jacket? the green one?
A: The Adidas one? I bought in an ukay in Sydney!

Q: Hi Saab! May I know who did your wedding hair do?
A: Jaime Sy :)

Q: SAAB! I really love your taste on food, movies, books and tv shows (I love you, lol). Could you please make a blog about your favorite tv shows?
A: Thank you! I have this thing called TV CLUB where I update you guys on my latest binge-watching! Will update that weekly :)

Q: hi saab! are you a petite size when it comes to jeans? and,where do you usually buy jeans? they fit your really well kasi eh,oh, and, have you tried levi’s wedgie fit jeans?
A: I buy from Topshop, either Jamie for the skinny jeans or Hayden for the more relaxed one. Thanks for thinking they fit me well, I’m usually conscious that they emphasize my huge hips too much. I try to g for high-waist jeans to bring attention to my small waist nalang :) There’s a WEDGIE FIT style of jeans?? Haha sounds kind of painful haha. I haven’t!

Q: Hi, Saab! I remember you promoting an event years ago for people who want to cut their hair to donate to cancer patients. Is it happening this year? Thanks!! 😊
A: I’m actually going to Matrix Salon School today to get my hair colored, let me check with them :)

Q: Hi Saab! Weird question. What time do you usually work out? I think you said before that you wash your hair at night. Is it ok to work out at night? Thanks and more power to your blog!!! :)
A: I try to was my hair at night, but if I work out in the morning (which I usually do), I wash my hair kaagad after because I really get sweaty haha. So I don’t wash na at night.

Q: Hi, saab! Is Cup Fiction hiring? I wanna work this summer vacation kasi. Haha well, my vacay starts from june to 1st week of august, I guess. Thanks & have a good day!!
A: Hello! We’re not hiring right now but will let you know if we start hiring part-timers :)

Q: Any tips about long hair for boys? Hahaha my long hair is soooo messy
A: Go to a salon, not your usual barber shop, and ask for them to layer your hair to make waves. Find a peg and show it to them :) Have you tried blowdrying your hair? It does wonders!