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June 16, 2017 2 Comments

Q: what do you think about teenage pregnancy?
A: I don’t think it matters what age you are — not everyone is fit to be a parent. Also, it’s better to have life experiences before raising a human being.

Q: Hi Saab, I love to start baking etc. I am always caught with the 2 min vids (buzzfeed etc) on FB & IG. Do you bake or will you try to? I loved your blog since I was 17, I am now 21. Mwa! :*
A: I love baking but I don’t do is as often as I want to. I’m not very good at being spontaneous when in the kitchen. I need to follow recipes to a T!

Q: Hey Saab! I’m going back to Manila at the end of May. Gonna be my first time since I moved to the US 14 years ago and I’m so excited! Can you recommend any upcoming gigs/shows?

A: Oh God, I’m the worst. I hope you were able to catch good shows!!

Q: Hi! What platform is better for blogging: WordPress or Tumblr? Can you give advice for people who want to start blogging but feel like it’s too late/they’re too old to start?
A: I like WordPress better because you can customize it more but if you’re looking for something that’s easier to manage, Tumblr is good too. It’s never too late to start a blog! Would you say it’s too late to start a diary?

Q: Inooperate pa ba ni Jim ung 7/11 or Ministop nya?
A: He’s hired people to handle it for him so he can focus on Linya-Linya.

Q: Hey Saab! Not a question but I just want to say I go to school with your sister, Clara and she’s so nice. I love her fun attitude haha! Sucks she’ll be in Senior High School na. Hehe -e
A: Oh that’s so nice to hear!!

Q: Hi Saab! I just read about your post about periods (LOL) I just want to ask if you’ve already tried the menstrual cups and how’d it go? Thanks! From another troubled human. :)
A: YES IT’S THE BEST. I bought a locally made one called Sinaya Cup. Check it out!

Q: Any place you suggest we should visit in HK?
A: Oh I haven’t been in HK in so long!! I’m not the right person to ask! Going back in November, hopefully!

Q: What’s the best camera for you?
A: Siyempre camera ko :p Sony A6000

Q: Hi Saab! Just want to know what did the consul ask you when you were interviewed for a US Visa? And what visa did you get? Thanks!
A: “What are you doing in America?” “Shopping” and then he saw all the receipts that Japan stores stapled onto my passport and he said “Yeah, I can see you like shopping. Are you sure you’re not meeting a boyfriend there?” I showed him my ring and said I’m married. He said, “Hey, you never know!” But he said I passed. LOL. I got a 10-year tourist VISA.

Q: Hi saab, nagpapatacial ka ba? Like weekly/monthly routine mo ba yun? How to achieve artista skin? Tehee thanks!
A: No, not at all but I think I’m going to start getting facial treatments now that I’m getting older.

Q: Hey, Saab! What camera do you use in taking pictures for your blog? And do you use the same care when it comes to your vlogs or do you use a different one?
A: Lately, I’ve just been using my iPhone for vlogs.

Q: Hi Saab! When are you gonna do another Domestic Dispute episode? :( I loved them, especially ep3 & 4 haha. Hope you and Jim can still make more :) – P
A: Will do!

Q: Hi Saab, really love your high waist pants! May I know where you got them? Thank you!
A: Topshop & H&M have good high waist pants. But my new favorite high waist shorts are from Zara. I’m obsessed.

Q: Hello Saab! I’m travelling with my sister to New York for 7 days, where do you suggest we go and what to do or? (kinda irrelevant info: we’re both on our early 20s and its our first time in New York
A: Watch a show at Comedy Cellar. I wasn’t able to do that but I know some of the biggest comedians sometimes drop by to test out some jokes. Eat MILK ice cream. Eat the mushroom burger at Shake Shack. Watch a Broadway show (get tickets at TKTS outlets — it’s 20-50% off). Dear Evan Hansen won a lot of Tony Awards so I want to catch it when I go next time. EAT PIZZA ANYWHERE. Get a bagel from Lower East Side. Don’t take a cab, take the subway or if you can — try walking everywhere. I opted to walk to a place that was 50 mins away instead of taking the train and that’s when I met Tina Fey. WAAAH. If you’re an NBC fan, take the tour at Rockefeller Center. Watch my NYC vlogs! Go to Brooklyn Botanic Gardens on a Tuesday, it’s free!


June 17, 2017



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    Jing Fragante

    June 16, 2017

    Love your hair color! ♥

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    June 17, 2017

    Blog about the Tina Fey encounter, please!