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June 17, 2017 2 Comments

Q: What turn table do you guys own? And where do you guys buy your vinyl records? BTW ang cool niyo. You guys are so chill :)
A: We have a white REGA turntable :) We get the new ones from diff shops, like Grey Market along White Plains Katipunan or Satchmi. We buy second hand ones from ukay especially when we’re abroad so there’s a story behind the purchase :) Also from vinyl swap meets like Segunda Plaka!

Q: Hi, Saab! This might be a sensitive topic, but I’m just curious.. How would you and Jim deal with stuff (financially, emotionally, etc.) if, for example, you earn more money than him? Thanks! :)
A: It could be a real issue if your partner is insecure but if you discuss things openly and you don’t ever make him feel inferior, it shouldn’t be an issue. Just like it shouldn’t be an issue if he was making more money than you. You’re both hardworking individuals, no gender should be expected to be making more money than the other. For us, because we’re married, we treat whatever we make as OURS especially bec we are working towards the same goals :)

Q: Any advice for starting a blog like yours? I think this would be super fun but I’m a little intimidated tbh
A: Just start one! James Corden said, “the difference between doing something and doing nothing is… doing something.” Nike said, “Just Do It” hehe

Q: Hi Saab! I just noticed that your blog is super slow these past few weeks. It’s weird kasi dati hindi siya ganito katagal. Ok naman yung internet speed ko and stable naman. :(
A: Waaahhhhh this was sent in back in March, I hope it’s gotten better. :( I need a tech person

Q: What can you say about our country’s politics this 2017?
A: UGH. Ang gulo.

Q: Hi Saab! How to deal with unemployment? huhu I’ve been unemployed for about a year now and it sucks. Been to so many interviews pero I don’t hear back from them after the 2nd interview
A: Sorry to hear this :( I don’t think I’m the right person to ask for interview advice because I’ve never had a corporate job. But here’s Jim’s advice: review what you’ve been putting out there. Start with your CV. it’s crucial you share it with someone and have them review it. Next would be evaluating how you have been doing in interviews. Now, while you wait, my suggestion would be to keep being productive. Maintain a routine. Lastly, do all the stuff you’ve wanted to do (find a mountain to climb, write a play, etc) because most likely when work starts, you’ll struggle to get the chance to do those things.

Q: How can I convince my jowa to read books?
A: Give them a book that’s related to their interests :) Tapos keep making tampo until they read it. Chos.

Q: Hi saab, have you met janella salvador? What can you say about her? Do you like her for your brother elmo?
A: Yes, I’ve met her once! Seems like she and Moe are having fun w their loveteam so yeah!

Q: Ano pong theme nyo dito sa WordPress? It looks so clean!
A: It’s called FREYJA

Q: Does it make you a bad person if you’re in a relationship and you’re already falling out of love, then you began having feelings for someone else. But you broke up with your partner right a way.
A: I don’t think you’re necessarily a bad person. Just don’t try and get back with your ex if you’re not sure about it. Leading them on and keeping them hanging is a lot worse than breaking up with them.

Q: Is it really normal to feel guilty for breaking up with someone? Guilty in a sense that you’ve hurt them emotionally.
A: It’s normal to feel guilty. There’s no way you can end a relationship with no one getting hurt. Some people will give you a hard time about it but they can’t force you to stay in love with someone.

Q: hey, saab! where do you get your sports bras? :)
A: Certified Calm has long-lasting workout gear!! I’m obsessed bec the fabric’s so nice.

Q: Hi Saab! You’re my fashion inspo! Can u do a blog about it?
A: Oh thank you!! Though I don’t find myself very fashionable and I must admit I don’t know anything abt fashion and trends!! I just like comfort and complementing my body type :)

Q: If you were to advice a virgin hair, what is the best way to make a shaggy hair to a beautiful one? Thank saab😍
A: Try hair masks once a week and don’t shampoo your hair every single day. Maybe shampoo 3 times a week or more depending on your activity level! Condition your ends everyday. :)

Q: Hi Saab, What brand of watch were you wearing at Saguijo last night? Nice gig btw. :)
A: Thank you! Probably my Fitbit, it’s my only watch :p


June 18, 2017



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    June 22, 2017

    Saaabbbb, what’s your fitbit? I’ve been meaning to get one but I really don’t know which one. Hahaha! Sobrang gusto ko lang naman malaman how much I really burn in a day. Hehe!

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      July 13, 2017

      Charge HR 2!:D