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July 13, 2017 2 Comments

Q: Hi, Saab! Do you play dota 2? :P
A: Yes!! But I haven’t played in months because it really derails my life LOL

Q: Sobrang hina ng capability ko to remember lines sa books that I read :( Kaya hindi ko masyado naaappreciate yung reading huhu. Are there ways to better understand or remember lines sa mga binabasa ko?
A: Read slowly and put yourself in the scene. Use your imagination!:)

Q: Hello fellow bookworm! Paperback or ebook? Kinda torn between the two kasi I think more environment-friendly ang ebooks but I looooove the smell of paperback books. Huhuhu
A: I love actual books, too!! But I also love the convenience of e-books. With one tap, I can start reading my books.

Q: Hi Incugirl! Lol (fan since the early 2000s!)
A: Hehehe. Hello!!

Which of the two do you prefer in terms of editing photos & videos + frequent traveling: Macbook Pro or the sexy Macbook in Rose Gold or Gold?
A: Hahaha sexy talaga? I don’t have a Macbook Pro. I do it all on my Macbook (I actually can’t tell if it’s rose gold or gold lang). Sometimes on my iMac but rarely.

Q: Hi Saab! You’re my life peg and I love reading your blogs. :) I just want to know your height and weight. hehe kasi nga crush kita, but mas crush ko si Jim!!! Peaceyo! <3
A: Thank you so much! I currently weigh 125lbs and I’m 5’3″ :) Sure, crushes are healthy ;)

Q: Nakapunta ka na sa Pinto Art Museum?
A: Yes

Q: Hi Saab! Where can I buy the Dior pump and volume mascara? Thanks! :)
A: I bought mine in Sephora abroad :)

Q: Hi Saab! I’m currently on a lump since we’ve relocated overseas and just newly married. Been unemployed for 6 months now but hubby’s fine w/ it. Any tips to avoid depression and self pity?
A: Hello! Have you actively been looking for a job? If your husband is not pressuring you to get a job, maybe try to look at the bright side and use your time to cultivate your passions! Do volunteer work. There’s so much to do, just do your research and look for events around your neighborhood. Parang The Sims lang yan — read the newspaper or surf the internet tapos punta ka sa mga events. Explore your new town. Saya yan!:)

Q: Hi Saabbyyy, I went to you besh buy last week! totally love my purchase :D Anyway what are your top 5 lipstick colors?
A: Thank you so much for supporting Besh Buy!! We are working on an online store!! My top 5 lipstick colors right now: MAC Chili, MAC Hug Me, Laurent Cosmetics (it’s local!) Honeydew, Kylie LipKit Ginger, Colourpop Grunge

Q: Hi Saab! What’s your favorite Linya-Linya shirt? Love you always! ♥
A: Right now it’s GRRRR FRIEND featuring JoeyBear hihihi

Q: Is Mong Alcaraz your ex boyfriend?
A: Not really

Q: Saaaaaaab, lyrics of CRUMBLE pls pls pls!!!!
A: You say i see it backwards
I’ve seen your world and its crumbling down

I’ll beg off contemplating
If I should stay
When it crumbles down

I don’t wanna waste my time in love
I know that I waste my time enough

I’ve drowned out long lost lovers
They barely breathe so it’s not so bad

They’ll try to seep in sideways
My wall’s so thick that it fills the gaps

I hear them talk
You gotta get back
I hear them talk
But it’s crumbling!

I dont wanna waste my time in love
I don’t wanna waste my time
I don’t wanna waste my time in love
I know that i waste my time enough

Dreaming of a weekend
One that never stops
I know I’ll go back there
Even when it stops

When the world is crumbling
I’ll still be intact
But when the world’s rebuilding
It won’t take me back

I don’t wanna waste my time alone

Q: Any recommendations where to go around Japan for 10 days?
A: Search “JAPAN” on the search bar (the magnifying glass on the top menu of my blog) :)

A: Advantage: learning about each other, more time together, sharing expenses. Disadvantages: learning about each other, more time together, sharing expenses. Hahaha! Malamang I like living with Jim more than living on my own because I can never get enough of his face.

Q: Hi saab! Ilang tattoos meron ka? :) and ano unang reaction ng mom&dad mo nung pinakita mo sakanila yung tattoo mo? Meron din ba si Jim? Hehe sorry dami tanong ✌🏻
A: Just 2! Wala naman masabi parents ko kasi marami rin silang tattoos. Haha! Jim doesn’t have one — I’m still convincing him to get something hahaha

Q: Hay nako Saab
A: Anong ginawa ko?!?

Q: Hi Saaaab! Where can I buy your shirt (Cheats)? I really like your band’s songs, on repeat parati sa Spotify ko. lol kahit yung sister ko na a-addict na din. hehe Thanks! :* -Kem
A: Hello! Just visit this page for our logo shirts and this one for our Crumble shirts. Thank you so much!!

Q: How do you cope with stress? -Bea :)
A: Hi Bea! I breathe in and out and think of a concrete solution I can do RIGHT NOW. If there’s nothing I can do, I let it go and focus on other things. If I can do one small thing towards solving a problem, I do it right away.

Q: hi saab! where’d you get this top? its so cute! www.instagram.com/p/BUywAGslLeV/
A: Oxygen!

Q: This is an awkward question..but I will ask you stil..haha! Yung feeling mo stressed ka na sa work mo and wala ka ng time sa lovelife mo. And feeling like I wana give up on work na. Haha! Any advice
A: Make sure your job is the right one for you and your personality. I think you will not feel so stressed if you care about what you’re doing. A happy person is sure to attract other people, so two birds one stone yun.


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