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July 13, 2017 2 Comments

Q: Any tips on how to clean Anello bags? :)
A: Oh wow you just reminded me of the fact that I’ve never cleaned mine 😅 I guess you can just use a wet hand towel to wipe it down, use a bit of laundry detergent to scrub it, rinse and air dry for a whole day!

Q: Hi Saab, do you consider becoming BFFs with some of your blog readers? Do you think that’s possible or may trust issues ka? Or do you feel awkward? I want to be friends with you! :D
A: I think it’s fine especially since some of my current best friends used to read my blog before we even met! I think it’s a little awkward sometimes when my friends tell me in passing that they read something on my blog because I feel like this is my diary and only strangers should be reading it. Haha WEIRD. But yes, I don’t think it’s impossible as long as we have the same values and interests!:) Hope to become friends with you, too!!:)

Q: Hi Saab!! How to deal with annoying in-laws? Like the too involved type. They’re actually okay but it bothers me that they keep on including themselves and making kamusta EVERYday. HUHU. How to deal?
A: Wow, I’m glad I cannot relate!! Haha! Have you spoken to your partner about it? Let him/her know that you think you need a little space. If you choose your words carefully, your partner shouldn’t feel offended by it. Start with, “I love them, but I feel like we should have a little space to ourselves” ganon. I hope everything goes well!

Q: I love ur skin! I just turned 22 and super lala ng pimples ko ngayon. My family says I’m being oa ang pero feel ko talaga malala eh. I tried Kiehls before for 3 moskaso it didnt work huhu any advice
A: Thank you!! Have you tried going to a dermatologist? They can probably give you the best advice because skin type varies and you should be using the correct products for your face!

Q: hi saab. ang healthy ng hair mo, may time ba na natatakot ka na mag-thin yung hair mo? parang ganon kasi ako eh 28 lang ako. huhubels. -k
A: Yes, actually I think numipis na yung hair ko because I’ve bleached it for the 4th time in my life na yata haha! But it’s okay, it’s just hair. It’ll grow back. I know there are vitamins for your hair and nails — try Healthy Options!

Q: My bf and I are now living together bc of our shared properties. I know all his flaws and he knows mine. But mostly his is really upsetting. it got me thinking not to marry this man. How to deal?
A: I highly recommend going to Discovery Weekend, it’s a retreat for couples (not necessarily engaged ones), and it really helps get the ball rolling. You end up talking about the things that matter most to you. You’ll really get to know each other’s core values and you’ll be able to bring up the things that upset you while being in a safe environment where he knows you’re not just trying to hurt him. Communication is key and if there’s a chance you can save your relationship, you should really try it :)

Q: Please create an Ukay Alalay again for Marawi. I’ll be there! :'(
Sorry if this is not a question…

A: Aww, I’m so sorry but we just finished our last bazaar and we’re low on stocks right now :(

Q: Hi Saab! How can I move on from the person who was never been mine?
P.S We were just M.U before.

A: Think about why things ended. Did it have to end? If not, talk about it with the person. If ayaw niya talaga, always go back to the question: “do I want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to be with me?”

Q: Hindi na ba mag rerestock ng Camp Cramming shirt? :3
A: Hindi na yata :( I know they have bags now!! Click here!

Q: Back when you were still taking bcpills, nagpapa-“clean” ka ba ng repro/uterus? I don’t know exactly what procedure that is but i hear oldies say na it’s necessary. (Love yewwwww)
A: No, just my regular pap smear!

Q: Hi Saab,

I saw a selfie of yours this morning from tw and I thought you’re so glowing. Can you share what skincare products you use before you go to bed at night? Are they all Kiehl’s?

A: Will make a blog about this!

Q: Tried to look for your vlog in re the boyfriend’s ex still keeping in touch with his family, pero waley hindi ko mahanap! :( link please
A: Grabe ka, besh, nasa home page lang yung vlog! Haha here you go. 😂

Q: Hi there Saab! I am a struggling artist and constantly a victim of depression, any tips on how I’ll make it to the art scene and on how I’ll be able to slay depression?
A: Hello! I think artists thrive when surrounded by other artists! Why not put yourself out there, go to exhibits and galleries to meet like-minded people. I don’t think I’m qualified to give you advice on depression, but I know it helps to talk about it. Try talking about your feelings or writing it down. Any form of release should ease your suffering. I would still recommend seeing a professional, if you can.

Q: Joey poops and pees outdoors? diba you live in a condo, so akyat baba kayo? Ive had my 5 month old pup for 3 months na and she’s still not potty trained 😭
A: Yes, she walks everyday. Dogs poop about 15 minutes after they eat. As long as your feeding times are the same every day, you should be able to build a routine. Peeing is more often than pooing so she has a pee pad inside the condo.

Q: Hey Saab I am a struggling artist and no one seems to like my artworks. People usually say that I draw odd stuff. Losing my passion for art and I am slowly losing my confidence. What should I do?
A: Maybe you’re just not exposing it to the right people. Keep creating without expecting validation from others. If it makes you happy, don’t stop creating. Post it online so you can reach a wider audience!

Q: Would you mind sharing the reason why you quit Candy Crush on Jam? Miss you on radio! :(
A: My schedule is erratic and I kept having to miss radio work because of traveling — nahiya na ako sa employer ko so I opted out :(

Q: Saab! I just recently found out you have a mailing list. I instantly saab-scribed! How could I get a copy of your firts newsletter?
A: Oh no, sorry but that’s exclusively for saabscribers!! Hehe. It’s okay, you’ll receive all my next newsletters in your inbos!!

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve been single for 6 yrs & I can’t help thinking what’s wrong with me bc no guy is asking me out. I’m happy with my life but I can feel that there’s a void in my heart :( Any advice?
A: First: you do not need a guy in your life. Second: if you like someone, why wait for him to ask you out? Don’t overthink it! “Tara, kain tayo!” or “Tara, nood tayo!” could work wonders!! Put yourself out there, go to public events that interest you. You will not find a companion if you’re just always at home or at the office :) Good luck!

Q: 1. How do you normally download ebooks for your kindle? Medyo nahihirapan kasi ako mag hanap although yung akin is Nook di ko alam if anong site safe mag download. :)
A: I just buy it straight from Kindle (Amazon) :)

Q: Diba with relationships, they say loving someone is the conscious effort of choosing them everyday. Do you *always* have to choose them no matter what?
A: Who said that? I never thought about it that way but yes, I guess. Know the difference between infatuation and love. Jim said something really smart the other day about being in a relationship. Omg i-bblog ko nga ngayon. Wait.




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    July 13, 2017

    Wala naman akong sinend na question dito but why do I feel like you were speaking to me most of the time?!! Hahaha! Hi Saab!! Binge-reading your blog now. Hehehe!

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      July 18, 2017

      Hahahaha that’s great!! Hi, Jamie!!