Spell Saab

Q: I just want you to know that you scare me hahaha I mean I’m scared because you’re brutally honest, direct to the point and really, really, really HONEST hahhaha it scares me. But I wanna be friends. lol stay cool!
A: Don’t be scared!! :*:*:*

Q: hi saab! girl crush kita (hashtag saab-love hihi) tanong ko lang po kung san kayo madalas mag hangout or san kayo madalas may gig para magpapapicture ako sayo pag nagkita tayo :))
A: Saguijo sa Makati!:)

Q: Are you still friends with Mei Bastes?
A: Nope.

Q: Are you still doing bulletjournal-ing?
A: Yes!

Q: does your band cheats sound like any other indie band?
A: Mmmmm.. I don’t want to say we sound like any other band but we’ve been told we sound like Broken Social Scene and sometimes we are likened to Arcade Fire. Bongga!

Q: You know what else I missed from your old blog? When people send photos with you and include it in your blog. It’s a really sweet gesture. Parang… You genuinely love your followers and appreciate them :)
A: Aww okay will do that again!:)

Q: what’s the camera you use for your photos? is it a DSLR? if yes, what digicam do you recommend that you think has the same quality as a dslr? thank you so much saab!
A: Sony NEX 5N

Q: what age ka nagka first bf?
A: 16

Q: okay lang ba saayo pag may nagpapapicture na fan kahit you’re with your friends or family?
A: Oo naman

Q: Taylor Swift Of Daft Punk ?
A: Daft Punk

Q: Hi! I was wondering if you work out? Can you give me tips, I’m going to start exercising, hehe, thanks!
A: Try this on a treadmill for starters. Put the incline at 1. As you get fitter, you can increase the speed or incline.
03:00min – 3.5mph
01:45min – 8mph
00:45min – 5.5mph
01:00min – 8mph
01:30min – 5.5mph
01:15min – 8mph
01:00min – 5.5mph
01:00min – 8mph
01:00min – 5.5mph
01:45min – 8mph
00:45min – 5.5mph
02:15min – 3.5mph

Q: Hi Saab! Do you use moisturizer? What brand? :)
A: Not always but I do have a MAC moisturizer I use sometimes :) I also have a Cetaphil one I use too!

Q: Have you ever experienced having uneven eyebrows after threading/plucking? Like sobrang halata na kahit na you’re not making any facial expressions?
A: Thankfully no haha

Q: Do you ever watch ABS CBN Shows?
A: Truthfully I haven’t watched TV in sooooo long. I haven’t even caught myself on Adarna!!

Q: Ate Saab, do you wear Keds?
A: Yes, sometimes!:)

Q: when people say ‘pull out’ specially when i red fashion bloggers what does it mean?
A: It means taking clothes from a store. Usually it’s an x-deal, they will choose items and then post on their sites. They usually get to keep the clothes. For stylists it’s usually temporary lang, they will take the clothes, make their clients wear them for events and then give it back to the store :)

Q: Why did you and Julius break up?
A: I’m not comfortable discussing that but it definitely wasn’t a third-party thing or whatever. We were even friends after we broke up.

Q: What’s the coolest way to die?
A: Hypothermia

Q: hi saab! i honestly don’t know what to ask. Just love the thought of you possibly reading this post. I remember when i frst saw you on tv, lipgloss days hahaha i’ve loved you since then, read most of your blogs and there’s never a week that i skip visiting your website. You and jim are very cute together
A: Awwww thank you!!!

Q: Nag-aaway kami ng boyfriend ko dahil bukambibig kita. Ganun kita ka crush. -_- hahahaha. Is it a bad thing? or a good thing?
A: HAHAHAHA. It’s a good thing if that’s the thing you fight about the most hahaha! Sabihin mo sakanya good influence ako!

Q: Wait ate curl, so hindi na uli Tumblr tong blog mo? WordPress na?
A: Yes, teh!

Q: Who fell in love first- you or Jim?
A: I don’t know! Haha! I don’t think it matters. But it was probably me. HAHA

Q: Nakakaloka yung nagtanong ng Nica + Frank. PAKALUMA hahahaha.
A: Hahahaha!

Q: Are you more comfortable in speaking Filipino when having a verbal conversation?
A: There are things best expressed in either Filipino or English so my sentences switch from one language to another mostly. Hehe.

Q: Kapuso forever? Not even a 0.001% chance of transferring?
A: I don’t know, I’m not thinking about that right now!

Q: i saw your brother elmo at Bacolod City with your mom. i was expecting you though hahaha i think hihimatayin ako pag ikaw nakita ko (i’m a girl btw lol) sabi ng sister ko, taga bacolod city daw yung mom mo. true ba?
A: Hahaha! No, she’s not from Bacolod. Her dad (my grandfather) used to live in Bicol :)

Q: What why di ka nagkakapimples? I envy you and your flawless skin!
A: I really have to thank my parent’s genes for my skin!! Thank you!

Q: You mentioned on one of your answers here on askfm that mikko sp was your first love, wasn’t it doods peralejo? just curious. Sorry if this may sound echosera haha.
A: Doods was my first boyfriend but that was more of a puppy love thing. We barely saw each other, mostly text or chat lang kami ni Doods before. Hehe.

Q: hi saab. have you ever been in love with someone you can’t have? i’ve been seeing this guy, who btw is committed already. We’ve been dating for 5-6mos now. i know its stupid but i love him and i feel he does, too.
A: I’m telling you what you probably already know but won’t admit: it will go nowhere. End it now.

Q: si mikko ba ng initiate ng breakup nyo?
A: No.

Q: What’s your view about Muslims?
A: No views really, I know very little about their religion.

Q: Bakit ang gwapo ng kapatid mong Arkin? :) Ano nga pala height niya? parang mas matangkad pa si Clara sa kanya :)) But he’s super cute/Gwapo. Indeed.
A: Not sure about his height but yes Clara is taller hehe :) Thanks!

Q: you think Jim Bacarro is the one? hehe love you Saab!!!! <3
A: Totes!:)

Q: super like ko yung video niyo nila Arkin n.Clara. Yung QnA mo sa kanila. Sana may part2! Sana maulit muli. mwahhh.:D
A: Sige sa future SaabTV :p

Q: what type of guys you usually fall for?
A: Definitely funny guys. Also, I realized they are usually good guitar players.

Q: kelan ka po ulit gagawa ng bagong make-up tutorial? nakakatuwa po kasi yung unang ginawa mo eh :)
A: Quite soon :)

Q: ate saab , may fb po ba si elmo ?
A: He has a personal one that he barely uses

Q: Ediwups pare. Hahah. Still remember that? Those were.the days!
A: Haha ediwups!

Q: Can you please post Joey videos regularly? Thank you, Saab! :)
A: Follow me on instagram @saabmagalona!:)

Q: how will i know about the latest gigs of cheats? :)
A: Like our page on Facebook! Click here.

Q: Do you believe in marriage?
A: Yes, I do :)

Q: Favorite make up brand? :)
A: Right now, MAC :)

Q: Hi! Really curious if you’ve tried illegal drugs before? If yes, what made you do it and made you stop?
A: I tried marijuana before around 2010 and I puked SO MUCH, it was the worst. I never tried anything else. Hahaha.

Q: hi girl crush! parehas tayong madaming beki friends. pag magkakausap ba kayo beki language din kayo magsalita? ganun kasi kami magusap lalo na pag ayaw namin ipaalam sa iba pinaguusapan namin usually sa boys hihihi
A: Yes! Hahaha

Q: I’m kinda curious about your band – I mean what your genre is or the songs that you cover. D’you guys have a music video?
A: We’re making one :)

Q: Si Maxx and Elmo Smart ang network, ikaw Globe. Ayaw mo mag Smart? :)
A: I’ve been a Globe user all my life, I’ve never tried Smart. I don’t know.

Q: At what age do you wanna get married?
A: When I was younger I never thought I’d get married. Strangely my dream was to have a kid at 18 and raise it on my own. But now I am in a loving, committed relationship and I don’t really have a target age to get married. I’m very happy so whenever is fine :)

Q: Panu ka nakuha sa “Atat” music video? Nene! Hahaha kyot! <3
A: The director is my friend Avid Liongoren. I shot a cameo for his indie film Saving Sally and he was shooting that music video on the same day. Haha.

Q: Do you consider yourself a feminist?
A: There are many different interpretations of feminism but I think I am a feminist the same way Tina Fey is a feminist. We are pro-female, but we can also make fun of females including ourselves. I am all for defending women’s rights but I won’t get outraged by a man opening a car door for me.

Q: Ano po naging inspiration niyo para sipagin po kayo mag aral nung High school :D
A: I was really doing it for my parents. They worked hard to get me in school, I didn’t want to waste it.

Q: Aside from your family, jim and friends, what makes you happy?
A: Books! The Internet! Nachos! Clouds! Beats! Beer!

Q: Did Jim have to ask Mikko if it was ok to date you since they’re in the same circle of friends? “Bro code” daw yun eh.
A: Matagal na kaming wala ni Mikko nun, mga 2-3 years. But yes, he talked to Mikko after we hit it off when we hung out the first time. It took a while for things to be normal but Jim and I have been together for almost 3 years now and the three of us are perfectly fine :)

Q: Can you recommend any new local indie album/artist
A: http://chocolategrass.bandcamp.com/

Q: Hi Saab! Bukod dun sa “group of girls who gave you a hug” sa SM Batangas, may naaalala ka pa bang iba? :)
A: Sorry that was a really long time ago :(

Q: Hi Saab! Can you share your workout playlist? :D
A: Oooooh sige sige gagawa ako ng blog post about that! Thanks for the idea!:)

Q: When’s the next Grrl Scout? :) Sana weekend!
A: Sige gawin nating weekend!! Baka next month :)

Q: fave song and book? :)
A: Hmmm.. I have plenty of favorite songs. Hmm. Bobby Caldwell’s Open Your Eyes is one of the best songs ever. Book? Roald Dahl’s BFG :)

Q: Why did you switch to juice?
A: They’ve been supporting my blog for like 2 years now!:)

Q: Hi Saab! Which do you think is more appropriate, telling the person you don’t like that you dislike texting because you are too lazy to reply to texts in general, or just ignore that person’s text because the truth is, you don’t like texting with her/him?
A: If you don’t see that person often (like if he’s not your classmate or someone you will have to bump into almost everyday), go ahead and ignore the texts. Or do one-word replies. Or actually.. I don’t know eh. It really depends!! If he’s some douche bag who is obviously flirting with you but you know it’s not going to go anywhere, go ahead and ignore. If it’s a nice guy who is just genuinely being nice, reply naman out of courtesy – just make sure you will not lead him on. If you really don’t like him, just keep it short and make excuses that you’re busy and when he texts after a few hours just don’t reply na. He will get the hint. You shouldn’t worry about the person disliking you because you’re not replying because ayaw mo naman siya eh so who cares? Haha. I have no idea if I am giving the right advice.

Q: Hi Saab!I’m in a situation that is bothering me quite a long time already.I have a friend who is five years younger than me.I like her at first because she’s sweet and ‘malambing’ pero there was a day when she started giving me an attitude (like when she doesnt like something, lalayo na lang sya big
A: Oh no I think naputol yung question mo.. I’m guessing that last word is “bigla” – well Lauren and I have an age gap similar to you and your friend. There are some things she needs to experience (going out, etc.) that I can’t really do that often because I’m getting too old for that shit haha so it’s a good thing she has friends her own age to do those things with. Otherwise, we get along just fine and I think that’s how friends should be. You don’t ALWAYS have to be together. So if she doesn’t really enjoy doing something then let her do her own thing.

Q: favorite film? :)
A: Ack, I always have a hard time choosing favorites.. Maybe Little Women and Empire Strikes Back.

Q: sino ang pinakasweet sa inyong magkakapatid?
A: We all have different love languages, I think we’re all sweet in our own ways!