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July 13, 2017 2 Comments

Q: hi Saab! what is your take on newly married couples combining their social media accounts? I’m going to get married soon and kind of exploring this idea :D
A: I honestly don’t understand it – I believe that Jim and I are not one person. We are separate beings and I’d like to keep it that way. Also, I would just get overwhelmed at doubling the notifications since we’re 2 people haha!:)

Q: Whenever your partner says something degrading/makes you feel insecure, di naman regularly nasasabi lng minsan. What’s the proper way to react?
A: Let them know that it hurts you and if they don’t apologize and if they do it repeatedly, IWAN MO NA YANG GAGONG YAN.

Q: hi saab! random question. nagmumurahan ba kayo ni Jim even for fun and serious times? hehe
A: No, when I accidentally call him gago as a joke I feel a little bad HAHA.

Q: Saab! Is closure (in a relationship) needed all the time? Whatchu think
A: If one of you needs to hear na ayaw na talaga ng isa sa inyo, go ahead and talk. For me, pag ayaw na, ayaw na. Next! Chos.

Q: Hi Saab! How do you stay fresh? 😊
A: Aircon 😂

Q: Hi Saab 😍 Have you tried using SebaMed anti-pimple gel? Does it work well?
A: This is the first time I’ve heard of it!

Q: Hi saab!Me and my bf broke up 2 weeks ago. He’s working in malaysia, i am here in US.Same kami uuwi ng pinas this july and he said sa pinas na lang daw kami magusap about us. any advice? Thanks saab!
A: Okay, so this was sent in back in June. Sorry for the late reply!! Sana nakapaghintay ka na mag usap kayo and I hope it went well. Sorry I wasn’t able to answer in time!!

Q: Hi Saab! Can you tolerate lying in a relationship? Not white lies. And what do you think you would do if caught your partner lying? (Imagine you’re not yet married) Hehe.
A: Lying is not tolerated by either of us! Trust is very important

Q: Hi Saab! Any tips on how to lose weight? I really need to shed some pounds because of my PCOS but I get dizzy pag konti lang kinain ko or pag gutom ako. :( Thanks
A: I heard a ketogenic diet does wonders for PCOS! Ask your OB about it!

Q: Going to Tokyo this July and Im confused where to stay.. Any hotel recommendation please? Thank you :)
A: Check out Airbnb options!

Q: I’d want a book suggestion from you. Something that would give me a new perspective in life. Something with a positive theme. Anything in mind? -xxo
A: Yes Please by Amy Poehler. For a more serious one, The Power Of Now was very helpful for me in learning how to control my temper.

Q: Hi Saab! I know this is not a question but i just want you to know that my day won’t be complete without cheking your blog or instagram please wish me luck on my u.s embassy interview on June 29 😍
A: Awww thanks! I hope you got your VISA!!!

Q: Hi Saab! Love your photo on ask saab 68 💕 The way Jim looks at you haaay asan na kaya yung Jim ko? 😂
A: Hehehe good luck :)

Q: Do you get annoyed at people that always ask about your siblings? Ung mga tipong, asan si Elmo bat di sya nagpopost sa IG? Lels
A: Just a little bit especially pag walang connection sa post ko hehe but I know they’re only excited to see more of my siblings because they’re avid fans, so di naman ako sobrang annoyed.

Q: Hi saab! Have you ever tried sebamed yet? Like the anti-pimple gel one?I’m hesitant to know cause I’ve seen your mom buying it.
BTW, I love you to bits

A: You mean you’re excited to know, right? Hehe. Sorry, but I haven’t heard of that product and my mom’s never mentioned it to me!

Q: Hi saab how do you maintain a white bikini area? i exfoliate naman once in a while but its in the dark side. having problems wearing bikini because of this. thank youuu!!!!
A: I think we’re all just born with different skin tones and if some parts of our skin are darker, it doesn’t mean it’s dirty or anything. I wouldn’t be so conscious about it! No one is probably looking. Enjoy swimming instead of worrying about your singit :)

Q: Any books/speakers/seminars to recommend on financial planning/financial literacy? Thank you!! :)
A: Try subscribing to YouNeedABudget.com may free seminars doon hehe

Q: HI Saab :) Im married last May and everybody is ecpecting na buntis agad ako, grabe ! i find them offensive kasi kala mo naman ganun kadali un sinasabi nila na mahihirapan na kasi 29 nako.Advise pls
A: Super kebs! Kaya pa naman mag-try for a baby in your 30s!!

Q: I’m curious, are you shopaholic?
A: Nope, I seldom go shopping but the few times I purchase something it’s usually an expensive gadget 😭

Q: Hi Saab! Do you use stick on bra pag walang pad ung swimsuit mo? If no, what do use? If yes, do you re use it? And if yes ulit, how many times ka nag rere use? Haha sorry. Thank youuuu :)
A: I just get the pads from my other swimsuits, iniipit ko lang between my boobies and my swimsuit. I keep checking it’s still there hahaha okay naman siya basta hindi maluwag sa chest area yung swimsuit mo. It’ll stay.




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    July 14, 2017

    hello saab!

    im so happy na ang reaction mo sa isang guy na laging nagsasabi ng offensive or minumura yung partner repeatedly is “iwanan mo na yang gago na yan.” Sadly, yung isang radio dj sa gabi, hindi ganon ang reaction. may caller siya na minumura ng boyfriend lagi, tapos ang sabi ni radio dj na girl. “Kung ayaw mo na minumura ka, maghanap ka ng perfect. Normal sa relasyon yan.”
    naisip ko grabe ganyan na ba ka walang respeto sa sarili ang mga tao ngayon?
    To make matters worse, tinannong niya pa yung caller “may period ka ba ngayon?” sobrang na-offend ako na ang babae reduced nalang sa pagiging hormonal kapag gusto i-question yung sobrang pag degrade sa kanya ng partner niya.

    PS. narinig ko lang sa bus yung radio program niya.

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      July 18, 2017

      Omg, iwanan mo na yang gagong radio station na yan hahaha