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July 18, 2017 3 Comments

Q: What cities/states are you planning to visit next in the US? ♥
A: We just came back from LA, SF and NY end of June!:) Didn’t get to do much sight-seeing as we were busy with gigs most nights hehe. Will definitely go back soon! Ang saya!

Q: Saab, ano size ng Anello mo nung nag US ka? Mini ba yun? :)
A: Yes, I think so. It fights my 13″ Macbook perfectly.

Q: Did you ever date Mong or Miggy of Chicosci?
A: Crush mo sila noh? Nung isang araw ka pa LOL. We used to go on some group dates! Haha!

Q: Hi Saab, how do you get over a cheating ex? He lied and told me there was no one else but poof less than 3 wks after we broke up he is already in a rel with this girl I was iffy about! Help?
A: I know your heart and ego are hurting now. It will take some time but the longer it takes, the more you’ll be thankful that your relationship is over. No one wants to be with a guy who’s secretly in love with someone else.

Q: Ate Saab. How to love a person without losing yourself in the process po?
A: Put some “ME TIME” in your calendar.

Q: Hi Saab! Which Matrix salon did you go to? :) How much did you pay for your new hairstyle? Any recommended stylists?
A: Matrix is a salon brand — they sponsor my hair colors and treatments in their school (along Ortigas). It’s not open to the public, but you can ask your salon about Matrix brand products :)

Q: Why was Candy not with Cheats on your US Tour? :(
A: She already had prior work commitments she couldn’t get out off :(

Q: Saab! Hi. I love you.
Anyway, anong title ng song na ‘to?
Gawa pa kayo maraming ganito ni Jim! xoxo

A: Hehehe. Pixie

Q: Thoughts on Terrace House? Who were your favorites/least favorite? I kinda love/hate Natsumi haha
A: Omg Han-San is my fave. Hayato is a creep. I love Minori’s ate. Hahaha. The ballerina was a total waste of space SORRY!!!! Natsumi has crazy eyes, I love her face. Misaki and Riko are also really pretty and I think they would’ve been more fun if the world wasn’t so judgmental about women’s behavior. Aloha State though — Lauren Tsai is so kawaiiiii.

Q: Saabelly, hindi pa rin resolved yung loading problems ng blog :(
A: Waaaaahhhhhhhhhh working on it this week!!!!! S W E A R

Q: how was it touring with sandwich? :)
A: The. Best.

Q: how young is Jim?
A: 29

Q: Hi Saab! I want to ask if when did you start taking pills? Yasmin lang ba eversince ung tintake mo? Thank you
A: I started in first year college, when I was 17. I took Diane and then switched to Yasmin after a cycle or two cos my gyne said it might be better for me in terms of mood swings and it was true. I don’t use it anymore though.

Q: Hi Saab!
I often look at your Instagram account because of your travel pictures, and also your style. How do you pack your things when you travel? Especially your toiletries and shoes.

A: I try to plan out my outfits as much as I can. And I pack bottoms I can use more than once. I tend to underpack hehe.

Q: I can’t find your blog about house help agency :( did you delete it?
A: Yes, cos our yaya left after 8 months (2 months after her contract ended) and I was so sad. My friend who used to work there also said management isn’t the same anymore and I didn’t want to promote it na because I’ve heard the service isn’t quite the same as I experienced.

Q: Where do you usually buy your jeans?
A: Topshop

Q: I tried using Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil Free toner and I supeer looove it!!! But.. naubos na siya and I’m having a hard time to purchase it again kse out of budget na ko. Giveaway some pls? :)
A: Funny you mentioned it cos I’m giving away some Kiehl’s products this week! Not toner though :(

Q: Hi Saab! Checking your blog almost everyday and I feel sad kapag wala ka pang new updates. Char! OA lang haha! But srsly naeexcite ako kapag may bago kang posts. Sincerely, Wilson :)
A: I KNOW!! Sorry!!!!

Q: Hi Saab! Crying for help. How do you asap healthily get over someone you have no choice but see everyday, like office-mate? Do u think it’s too much to transfer work, resign? It gives me anxiety Also, I don’t want to cause anything bad in my work(because of moving on). But I really can’t help it. I always feel like crying, I don’t show it publicly but right when I get home.
A: Why should YOU change your whole life for him? Especially if you love your job! Unless you can find something you like better, don’t let his presence ruin a career opportunity. Keep it professional and always remember that you can only control yourself. Be nice even if you hate his face!! It’s normal to cry when you get home, kahit naman hindi mo siya office mate iiyak ka pa rin pag uwi mo. It will take some time. Cross your fingers nalang that he quits hehe. But if K LANG naman yung job mo and you can find something better, go and quit – it will definitely make moving on easier.

Q: Hi Saab!
What does kachipan mean? Can you please use it in a sentence :D
Thank you!

A: Kachipan. Ka-cheap-an. “Omg nagdadrama nanaman siya sa Facebook – ano ba namang kachipan yan!” LOL


July 24, 2017



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    July 18, 2017

    OMG Yung #CloneJimMovement hashtag ko was originally our hashtag for #CloneHansanMovement talaga! I’m so glad you’re watching Terrace House also! Super loved it when Hansan told Arman to just continue being happy instead of aspiring to be someone he’s not. Akala ko talaga papalitan nila yung intro text kay Arman to “Aspiring happy” HAHAHA

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      July 18, 2017

      HAHAHA!! Pero I found Arman’s aspiration to be a happy person cute naman!!

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    July 19, 2017

    Ang cute ng sample ng kachipan sa facebook.. buti na lang hindi ako madrama sa fb. 😆