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July 28, 2017 4 Comments

Q: Hi Saab! How did you know na ready ka na for marriage? Especially na ang bata niyo pa? :)
A: It just felt right, I don’t think I can fully explain it hehe

Q: Saab! Not sure if you’ve answered this before.. but how did Jim propose? :)
A: Here’s a link to the story hehe

Q: Hi Saab! Do you have a bullet journal? If you have, how does it help you everyday? Thank you!!!

(btw, im your new subscriber hehe been reading your blogs since before ngayon lang nagpakilala)
A: Yes, I’m going to teach you how I use it during my Spell Saab meet up in September!! Hope you can join :)

Q: how do you deal with friendship breakups? Do you still keep in touch with your high school/college besties? Or hi/hello na lang usually?
A: Hi hello nalang! I’m not very sentimental and I like being alone so hindi ako gaanong affected. It’s nice to catch up once in a while but if you’re both busy doing things you love and hindi lang talaga tugma ang interests niyo, hindi naman kailangan pilitin :)

Q: Hi Saab! How do I move on from betrayal? He didn’t cheat but he flirted with someone else behind my back and I can’t move on. He doesn’t want to talk about it as well :(
A: Why doesn’t he want to talk about it daw? That’s unfair.

Q: Hi saab :-)) andito ba sa blog mo ‘yung wedding video ni Jim?
A: Yes here you go!

Q: Saab hindi mo pinansin tanong ko :(
A: Sorry ang bagal ko :(

Q: Hi saab! Do you have plans on getting pregnant soon? :)
A: Nope!

Q: Hi Saab!! This is not a question but I just want to see you perform live. I’m working here in Dubai but I’ll be in Manila on October and hopefully I can watch you and the rest of the band!!
A: I hope so!!! Targeting our album launch to be some time in October :)

Q: Hi, Saab! Anong pee pad gamit ni Joey? Saan ka nakakabili? Pwede makita? Thank you so much! <3
A: It’s called Hush Pet (I think) it’s got a lot of Japanese characters basta I buy it in bulk sa Tiendesitas tapos white and pink yung packaging niya.

Q: Can you do a post/video tour of your apartment? :)
A: Coming soon!!

Q: Hi Saab. How do you maintain your eyebrows? Any brow “parlor” you recommend? :)
A: I recommend this girl from Emphasis salon in Rockwell, I think her name is May??? ACK ang tagal ko nang hindi nagpapa-thread huhuhu

Q: do you have stocks/mutual funds? like investments?
A: Yes, but I don’t really understand it :D I hope Jim does haha.

Q: how was ur lasik? ok ba? meron bang donts after ?
A: SUPER. It’s the best birthday gift I’ve ever received. It changed my life talaga. I’m happier :) You’re not allowed to wear eye makeup for 3-5 days and they’ll give you clear goggles to wear when you sleep for the first week. You should also wear shades as much as you can while it’s healing just to protect your eyes from any dirt.

Q: I’m already 24 but I’m still stuck reading YA novels, I’m no longer a ~young adult~! How does one transition to a more mature genre? Is there a “mature genre”?
A: Girl, read what you want!! Maybe you can give non-fiction a try as well? Look for young authors if you like the young adult tone of writing. Young Adult novels are awesome, don’t be ashamed.

Q: Hi, Saab! Just wanna ask an advice from u. Hindi naman sa assuming pero feeling ko may mga nagkakagusto sakin (e.g. Classmates, friends of friends, workmates) but I feel like parang hanggang dun nalang yun. They never go out of their way to get to know me more. So ibig sabihin, hindi talaga nila ako gusto?? Maybe I’m the problem? What’s the matter with me? I have this one guy friend na I feel naman na medj mutual ang feelings namin. But, I feel like there’s something wrong with me. Minsan inaasar niya ako ganito ganyan. But he never TRIED to get to know me. And until now, I just want lang na magkaron siya ng hint na I like him (Too! If ever he feels d same way) sa tingin mo po, what’s wrong w/ me? maybe I’ve built my walls too high or I’ve high standards(?)
A: Why don’t you make the first move? Casual lang na, “Punta akong Cup Fiction, gusto ko ng coffee. Sama ka?” #shamelessplug

Q: What do you do when you’re feeling something you’re not supposed to feel? How do you dismiss/ignore the feeling? Yeah, you can distract yourself and do things the whole day but at the end of the day
A: At the end of the day, ano? Bitin naman! At the end of the day, ayun, gabi. – Linya-Linya #shamelessplug Napaka-mysterious naman ng question mo! Ano yung nafi-feel mong yan??

Q: Hi Saab! Where do you buy your travel winter coats? Hihi yun lang :)
A: Zara!

Q: Saab, do you plan to read Paula Hawkin’s new book, Into The Water? Btw Jie here, hello from Belgium :))
A: Y E S! Hi Jie!! Hope you’re having a blast there!!

Q: I signed up on your newsletter but I still didn’t get any email about your new posts. Is it not working again? :(
A: I still haven’t set it up to alert subscribers for new posts!!! Will do that soonest, thanks for the reminder!




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    July 30, 2017

    Omg announced na unofficiallyyy lezz do dizz!!! #SpellSaabMeetup2017 :D

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    July 30, 2017

    Sooooo excited for the Spell Saab meet!!! ♥️

    Also, naiiyak talaga ako everytime nababasa ko proposal ni Jim!!! True, best actor nga! Haha

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    July 31, 2017

    Uhm kaya pala wala na ko na recv na email. Update pls! :)

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    August 10, 2017

    still got kilig rereading Jim’s proposal.