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August 10, 2017 3 Comments

Q: Saab can you elaborate on how you go about your finances as a couple? Like do you have separate accounts for your indiv and joint ones? Same amount ba hulog niyo sa joint acct or do u go by percentage if di pare pareho income niyo per month? Thanks!
A: We have separate accounts for our allowance (we set it monthly so we don’t go overboard), we’ve figured out our average monthly spending for joint things (everything related to the home, car insurance, Joey, medical insurance, monthly contribution to our emergency fund, investments, etc) and we put in our share every month into that one joint account. We also figured out our monthly spending for our separate lifestyles and we transfer that allowance to our personal accounts and that’s the only account I’m supposed to touch for my grooming, clothing, entertainment, etc. Everything else goes to the checking account to pay for our home loan (technically it was a loan I took out but since we’re married now, it’s his na rin hehe). We still haven’t perfected it, but sa awa ng Diyos, wala pa naman kaming nae-encounter na problems.

Q: Hi Saab, cute mo. Lagi ka ng naka-high wasted shorts pero di nakakasawa kasi bagay sayo. HUHU naalala ko noon, lagi kang nakadress na iisa style iba lang print. Wala laaang. hihi <3 u!!!!!!
A: I’ve learned to embrace my thick thighs hehe. Thank you :) Ang hirap mag dress palagi kasi ang hangin and magulo ako. Haha!

Q: Hi miss saab, what’s your shirt size in linya linya? Thank you for answering :)
A: XS :)

Q: Saab, are u doing a calorie deficit diet? :)
A: No, I’m on a low-carb diet now! Ketogenic :)

Q: Hi Saab! I love your hair color! what is it? Gusto ko gayahin sana bagay :D
A: Ash blonde! Bagay yan!!

Q: Do you have credit card? How to deal if I already cant manage my finances and sa credit card bill na lang napupunta lahat ng sweldo ko :(
A: Treat your card expenses as part of your monthly budget! If you already spent 2k on your credit card, girl, bawal ka nang gumalaw ng 2k sa bank account mo!! Nagastos mo na yun, technically. I like using my credit card to rack up points for traveling! I have 2 credit cards, a BPI Mastercard I’ve had for years and one I just got last year yung Citibank Premiermiles. Every time you spend, you get points that you can use to redeem flights from any airline!

Q: what do you think of Fujifilm XA3? yay or nay? for vlog and blog.
A: I’ve never tried it!

Q: Hi Saab! Nakakainggit nakita ka ng mama ko sa US embassy last year haha ang ganda mo daw! ☺♥♥
A: Aww thank you!!

Q: Saab, Minsan ba, sa buong buhay mo naranasan mo na ba wlang tulog o kulang sa tulog? kahit gusto mo muna umidlip para mawala antok mo.. or ‘pag-hindi ka nka2-tulog at night. does it happens always?
A: Yes, it used to happen a lot when I didn’t have the best lifestyle. I would stay out late a lot, drink a lot, smoke a lot. Ngayon because graduate na ako sa ganun, sandal lang ako tulog na ako! Try not to drink coffee after 12noon, stay away from gadgets an hour before you intend to sleep (kahit iPad for reading. Kindle, okay lang). It’s usually because you’re thinking of so many things! You can try to meditate and breathe to clear your mind. Try telling yourself that there’s nothing you can do about your problem at 2am — you’ll conquer it first thing in the morning when you’re refreshed and energized! Good luck and have a good night’s sleep!

Q: Why are you so perfect huhu
A: Nobody’s perfect! Siyempre I don’t post chaka photos on Instagram or Twitter :p Thank you for thinking that though!

Q: hi saab.ano ggawin m kpag may kmaganak kng mas mtanda sau (ex aunt/uncle/) na sbra sama ng ugali :( as in grabe manira at gumawa ng away. kpg nman pnagsbhan baka ako pa lmabas na msama at bastos :(
A: Ay! Afraid! Ask your parents for help :( Sorry. Siguro avoid mo nalang siya. But always remember that the world is a mirror, so if you’re nice to them there’s a chance they will be nicer. Kung waley talaga, at least you know in your heart na mabuti kang tao. Sometimes, yung masamang ugali na ganyan may malalim na pinapanggalingan eh. Kailangan talaga patient ka, try to get to know them more. Maybe their anger is a cry for help? Bite your tongue, stay respectful, but if it gets too much, just excuse yourself and walk away. Ask other adults for help!

Q: My sister will go Japan next week. What should I ask as pasalubong? Hehe
A: Oh no, my reply is too late!! McDonald’s Japan always has some unique sauces for their fries. Take home some of the unopened packs so you can try them yourself with our local fries. We took home some chocolate ones before!

Q: Hi, Saab! Where do u usually buy ur clothes? Really love ur style & my most recent fave is what u’re wearing on ur instagram post with mercedes benz (dress/red jacket) love that! hope to seeu soon
A: Thank you so much :) I usually get my clothes from Topshop because they fit well and last long although they can be a little too expensive. That dress I was wearing in the picture you’re talking about is my trusty Cotton On dress (I have the same one in 4 diff prints) with a Michael Jordan jacket I bought from a Footlocker in San Francisco :)

Q: Hi Saab. Can you post a your make up collection. Please please please! I really love how you do your make up. Ang fresh lang! Hehe
A: An updated everyday makeup look? Okay!!

Q: SAAB what if when you first met a guy, iba yung mga bagay na sinabi niya sayo, like about his past. Tas nung lumalalim na relationship niyo nalaman mo na hindi true yung iba. He’s sorry naman but..
A: Hmmm.. I would think it’s understandable not to be completely open when you first meet someone. Too much information naman siguro yun. His past is none of your business if you’re strangers. Now that you know each other better, he thinks you’re someone worth opening up to and I don’t think he should be judged according to his past. He shouldn’t be judged for keeping it a secret from you either. Unless it’s something to do with his present health that he could have passed on to you (read: STDs are because of past sexual encounters), you should stay in the present and be with the person he is today. If you can’t let it go, then you should just let him go.

Q: Hi saab, once in your life nafell in love ka ba sa girl or has a crush with your girl best-friend? How to handle this feeling?😏
A: No! Girl crushes are always with girls I don’t know so well. Sorry I can’t help you there!

Q: Hi Saab! My boyfriend and I doesn’t give gifts EVER pag monthsary namin (six months pa lang kami) do u think its normal? is it bad na umaasa ako na magbibigay siya?
A: Oooh, sorry, but Jim and I have never ever celebrated a monthsary so hindi ako maka-relate 😅

Q: Bakit parang hindi nasagot yung question ko? last june pa yun :(
A: Baka na-delay lang, bessy

Q: My bf noticed that I am an obsessed SAABSCRIBER & started reading your blogs too. He is curious how Jim can balance his Linya Linya, Cup Fiction, Cheats & some personal travels too.
A: He is a genius and I love his brain.

Q: When do you plan to have a baby?
A: When it happens. Lelz!


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