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August 11, 2017 0 Comments

Q: Hello Saab have you finished your question backlogs yet? I thought I asked multiple questions last month but did not see them answered :(
A: So sorry, I’m just really slow huhu

Q: Hi Saab! Tell me about brazilian waxing. Thank you.
A: Ummmmm. Okay! Haha! It’s the process of taking out all the pubic hair on your vagina and butt crack. It hurts but it feels great and clean down there.

Q: who handles linyalinya twitter acct? love its convo with maartistmd, feels!!! haha
A: Hahaha I’m guessing it’s our writer Ali

Q: Hiiii Saab naranasan mo din bang maglaro ng dress up games? Mehehe :D
A: Anetchhh

Q: Hi Saab! Since you’re in a band and that requires gigs at night, how do you manage your body clock?Had trouble in adjusting mine because I’m not a morning person but really want to be one. Thank u!
A: We choose our weekday gigs very carefully. Cannot be too late because Candy has a 6AM radio show, too! I choose one night I’ll sleep late if I have to (and in the local gig scene it’s a must). But most nights I like being in bed by 10 or 11 at the latest.

Q: how to cope up with friends when I barely have time for lawschool and I feel the gap between them?
A: Hello! I think the Internet should make it easier for us to stay in touch with our friends even if you’re swamped with work. Especially with traffic, it’s hard to take a trip to hang out tapos sobrang mapapagod ka pa sa commute. Try to schedule phone calls every so often. Or Skype sessions so you can catch up.

Q: Do you go to church every Sunday? :)
A: Not strictly every Sunday.

Q: Hi Saab! May nakita kasi ako nagtanong about Mau Torralba kaya I’ll ask na rin, bakit di na siya regular tumutugtog sa Cheats? Crush ko pa naman siya lol and I was hoping na andun siya lagi sa gigs
A: Awww! He’s in law school kasi and needs to focus because he’s taking the bar this year. He was on break last month so he got to play a couple of gigs with us :)

Q: Hi Saab, do you believe in second chances? – A
A: Pretty Little Liars ba ito?? Haha! Yes, I do!

Q: lights on or lights off hahahaha :D
A: Lights off

Q: What car are you driving?
A: Jim and I share a Pajero, it saves us a lot. Whoever has less places to go just Ubers!

Q: Issue samin ng boyfriend ko yung on how to divide the wedding expenses. Kasi sabi nya I have more friends than him so malamang, mas marami akong iinvite kaya dapat I contribute more. Is that right?
A: Ay may ganon? Well, the Philippine custom is that the groom’s family pays for most of the wedding but of course it’s all up to you as a couple. You two should be able to work it out between yourselves. Hindi pa kayo kasal may ganyan na! Haha! Compromise. If you can’t afford it, make it smaller. If you really want those friends to be there and you can personally afford it, why not just contribute what you can. Don’t say anything hurtful, it’s a huge blow to their ego when men can’t afford to buy their loved one everything her heart desires.

Q: Iniisip nyo na ba minsan ni Jim ang future bab names nyo? :) Sooo kilig with your husband. Especially on the relationship=/=prison post.
A: Hehehe yes

Q: Hi Saab. You are one of my inspirations kaya ako nagblog. Can I ask you to provide some feedback sa blog ko?
It’s a mom blog, btw :) nocturnalmomtalks.wordpress.com

Thanks, Saab! ❤ u!
A: What a nice blog you have! My suggestion would be to add featured images for each post so they’re more enticing to read fully!:)

Q: i’m a huge strokes fan and i was pleasantly surprised that you and jim chose i’ll try anything once for your wedding vid. what made you guys choose it? :)
A: Hello! We love The Strokes :)

Q: hi saab, what’s your favorite foundation?
A: Hello! I don’t use foundation!

Q: Hi, Saab. Were you able to try out the Sinaya cup? I hope you will blog about it soon. Been wanting to try it out too. :)
A: YES! I love it!!!

Q: Hi, Saaaabbbbelly! Please make your “10 AM ASK SAAB” a habit again :-( kahit na di 10 AM basta everyday may update :-( I always check ur blog and nasasad ako pag walang update/s…. I’m a fan!❤️
A: AY na-guilty ako!!!! OKAY PARA SAYO!!!

Q: Saab ano na nangyari kay Charlie? Yung aso ni Maxx. Parang di ko na yata nakikita sa posts nya :(
A: Our family friend, tita Cecille, fell in love with Charlie and offered to take care of her because Maxx felt bad that she barely had time for Char-Char. She’s super happy there with lots of room to roam around and with another doggy to play with.

Q: Hi Saab!
Nagbasa ako last time dito and nabasa ko na you do your regular pap smear, my mom advice me to do it also since we have history of cancer. Just wanna know if it hurts? Im scared huhu

A: No, it doesn’t hurt! As long as you relax at the doctor’s office kasi our tendency is to get stressed and tighten our vaginal muscle kasi siyempre it’s a foreign object that’s going in there! Just the same as our eye’s reflex to close shut when something’s about to poke it. But you have to relax and keep it open if you want to put eye drops. So breathe in and out and keep your vag muscles as relaxed as you can. It’ll take 30 seconds!:) Go for it! Health is wealth!


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