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Ask Saab 88

August 13, 2017 0 Comments

Q: Can you imagine your life without your blog or blogging? -fk
A: Yes, it wouldn’t be as fun

Q: Saaaab I know I am throwing this way back but r u still friends with ur college barkada – Apang, Mikko A, Zoe, Lia, Tisha? HAHA sino pa ba namiss out ko! Hehehe
A: Hahaha! I’m still in touch with them! I see Apang and Mikko A at different parties and weddings. Zoe is still very close to me, I was just with her at our friend’s wedding in Vancouver. She’s been living in HK with her husband for years but we are very active in our small Whatsapp group so I feel very close to her. Lia doesn’t really keep in touch on social media because she’s a total hippie haha but I visited her in Siargao where she opened a yoga resort and she’s been living there for years. I went to Tisha’s wedding early this year, she and her husband moved to another country for work.

Q: Hi Saab! I’m having trouble getting close to my bf’s cousins who are 3-6 years older than me. We’re able to converse naman during gatherings but I feel like our relationship will just stay on a shallow level lang cos they see me as someone younger than them&so I feel/get excluded sometimes. Any advice on how 2 not feel insecure abt this
A: Awww man that sucks! Well, some older people automatically feel superior to younger ones. My tip would be to ask them about their lives. Ask them for advice on yours. There’s a big chance that they will love sharing their knowledge with you. If they say something you don’t understand, you can ask more about it. “Yung Top Gun yung movie ni Tom Cruise diba? Okay ba yun?” and they won’t shut up about how you HAVE TO WATCH IT tapos make sure you look enthusiastic about things they’re passionate about para they see that you’re making an effort to connect. Depending on how old they are, you can discuss how different your high school experiences were (what bands were popular, pagers lang ang meron noon, saan gumigimmick yung barkada, etc). Turn your differences into a topic of discussion that you can laugh about.

Q: Hi! I know you’re a fan of Kevin Kwan. What books of him would you recommend? Thanks! :)
A: I’ve only read his Crazy Rich Asians trilogy!

Q: hi saab! okay ba maging full time sa banda? hirap din kasi minsan walang tf yung gigs lalo na pag di pa sikat. ganun ba talaga sa umpisa? thanks!! :)
A: Hindi ka yayaman kung nasa banda ka lang (at least in our country). Pero kung may day job ka, kailangan mag set ka talaga ng time para alagaan yung band mo.

Q: Hi, ate Saab! Been to sydney too with my mom but didn’t get the chance to see Hunter Valley and Newtown as seen from your blog pics. Anu pa po mga napuntahan nyo sa sydney aside from dun?
A: Hello! We went to Bondi Beach, Sydney Opera House, Potts Point, Surry Hills :)

Q: Have you listened to James Reid’s Palm Dreams album? Suggesting you “On Top” and “Cool Down”. Let me know what you think please!! Thanks Saab. ☺
A: I haven’t had the chance! Will do :)

Q: Hi Saab! What do you usually horde in every country that you visit? Wait did I even ask my question right? hihi
A: I think you meant “hoard” hehe. If it’s a trip with Jim, we get a magnet for our fridge :) Aside from that, I guess the most consistent thing I’ve bought is makeup or something for skin care. Haha. But not hoaring levels naman. I like going to pharmacies and checking out stuff.

A: Matagal na yun!! Don’t be sad, kung sila nga hindi sad eh. Haha! They’re in a very successful band and both raising a beautiful daughter who is about to enter college (!!!).

Q: Hi Saab! Read in one of your posts that you have a home loan, how does it work? I want to get one but I heard the prices go up as the years go by unlike car loans. An adulting post on it? yeah? :)
A: I bought a condo at pre-selling price (that means it wasn’t — and still isn’t — finished yet). I applied for a home loan to pay for that condo so now all I have to do is pay the bank for 15 years (I think 10 years remaining). But I’m not so smart with this stuff, because all these years I’ve been paying my loan with a 10% interest pala when the standard with other banks is 5-6% 🙃 So I’m in the process of transferring my loan to another bank — that means another bank will pay my loan in full para sa kanila nalang ako magbabayad ng interest na cheaper. So I would write a post about it but I’m not an expert, obviously!!

Q: Dear Saab!
Please please organize a meet and greet here in Cebu. Pleaseeeeeee ♥ – M

A: Cheats gig, game?

Q: Hi, Saab! I just want to say that I’m a fan since your Seventeen magazine model years! 😁 What are the most recent books you’ve read?
A: Hehehe ang luma! Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan and I’m in the middle of The Sandman volume 2

Q: What was the song that Jim composed for Papa P? Just curious! :)
A: Hindi pa nare-release eh!!

Q: If you could choose a 9-5 job, what would it be and why? :D
A: I would probably be in advertising or making websites

Q: you didnt answer all the past Ask Saab na noh? I noticed lang based sa answers Q&A. anyways, i am so kilig talaga whenever you update your blog lalo na ito Ask Saab.
A: Yes, nung exagge yung backlog I just purged. Hehehe sorry

Q: Hi Saab! This probably wont even be noticed but I’ll try – what would your advice be to ppl who are so hopeless they feel like the world is a better place w/o them?
A: Talk to somebody. Hopeline may be reached at (02) 804-4637; 0917-5584673; and 2919 for Globe and TM subscribers. You don’t have to be alone, you just need to unload these toxic thoughts to somebody for you to hear that it’s not hopeless at all. “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu

Q: Hi Saab :) Do you consider yourself rich? Or your parents? Ang galing kasi that when you reached 18 (tama ba?) you’ll have your own condo na given by your mom. San kayo nakatira now? Urs or Jim’s?TY
A: I don’t consider myself rich. I haven’t accepted money from my parents since I was 17 when I started working (I landed a TV show). My generous sister let me live with her throughout college. Later on, my mom let me stay in a condo she invested in but I paid for everything (association dues, electricity, water, food). Now we are living in a condo that Jim’s parents invested in. We are lucky that our parents thought of buying property for their children to use. So no, we are not rich, we are just hardworking and luckily able to pay our bills monthly.

Q: Why not try Ask Saab Live through your Facebook page? 😁
A: I will do this weekly. Thursdays 10AM sound good to you guys?:)

Q: Does Jim still work at JB (Jim Bacarro) music? Hahaha may 9-5 job ba sya?
A: JB does not stand for Jim Bacarro hahaha. He started a business (Linya-Linya) and I would say it’s a 9-5 job because he goes to the office as much as he possibly can. He’s really a genius and his hardwork inspires me so much xx

Q: Hiii Saaab💕 is it okay to ask your car?and any driving tips?I’m new in driving and still continue learning. Thank youuuu!!Your answers are all full of substance! 😘
A: Hello! I gave my car back to my mom (she gave me her old one years ago). Jim and I just share his car because it’s more practical for us especially with Uber :) I would say NEVER text and drive but I highly recommend listening to podcasts while driving. My favorite is Nerdist, Grammar Girl, Game of Thrones Weekly (Entertainment Weekly). Focus on the road and always remember not to be a dick. Dami nang kupal on the road, if a car wants to go into your lane, just let him/her through. Gitgitan is the worst!! Also make sure to ask about car maintenance because that’s key to keeping your engine happy. Learn how to change a tire na rin. You’ll never know when you might need to. Happy driving!


August 11, 2017