Spell Saab

Q: Hi! what is all about BPI?
A: BPI is Bank of the Philippine Islands. I am not sure I understand your question :)

Q: Moody Girl ka po? :)
A: Yuuupp

Q: hey miss Saab! Do you like Paramore??
A: Yes, they’re really good!

Q: Are you okay with Julie? Curious lang since nakasama nyo na din sya. :D
A: I have only ever seen her once, I think! I don’t know her personally :)

Q: Any other TV shows you’re currently watching? Have you tried Castle? ;)
A: Still on Boardwalk Empire! I haven’t! I actually want to watch Sherlock and House of Cards!

Q: What’s your favorite episode of Friends?
A: Oh I can’t choose!!

Q: Iya Misa’s brother is so cute. Of course you know Jaffe right!?
A: Yup! He’d be cuter if he smiled once in a while haha Jaffe!!

Q: how to be confident?
A: WikiHow is actually helpful. Hahaha! Here’s something to get you started.

Q: Hope you blog erday! :)
A: Trying!

Q: Nairita ka na ba sa mga fans mo?
A: Kapag medyo psycho na aawayin ako para lang mapansin. Labo.

Q: I’m your avid fan, since you started tumblr and blogspot lol i miss gothic saab! <3
A: Thank you hahaha I don’t miss gothic Saab!!

Q: Define Akin Elmo tandem. hehhe.:) Welove you SaabBaby :)
A: Video game nerds! Hi!

Q: What is the meaning of your second tattoo?
A: They are grade school writing lines. I am fond of my grade school memories and I like to write :) It reminds me to always keep it simple.

Q: Can you teach me how to have a flat belly?
A: Still trying to get one too

Q: I love how your hair looks like it has a life of its own! In a good way. Hahaha.
A: Thank you so much :)

Q: bakit po spell saab? not being rude po :)
A: Because people always spell my name wrong hehe

Q: How do you handle your bashers?
A: I just laugh it off!

Q: amy poehler or tina fey? or BOTH!? :D
A: BOTH! But a little more of a Tina Fey fan :)

Q: are you more of the cheerleader or the athlete?
A: I’m the heckler haha chos

Q: Hi saab! Just want to share our photo from ukay alalay where can i send it? :) -Trixie
A: Pls send to info@spellsaab.com :)

Q: best song to describe your life
A: I think it really is Newspaper Girl by Cheats. Jim wrote the song about me and how I take him to different worlds with the stories I tell. It’s very sweet :)

March 7, 2014