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August 21, 2017 2 Comments

So I did my first ever SaabTV LIVE last Thursday at 10AM. I did a quick Ask Saab portion over there, answering some of the questions asked through my question box and I was supposed to embed the video here but Facebook refuses to publish the recorded video. I was playing a song in the background and apparently, that’s a copyright violation now. Oops! Sorry about that!! At least it was a learning experience and I guess I will ask Jim to make original music I can play in the background. Or I’ll just play all Cheats songs hehe.

Q: Hi Saab! Would just like to know how you opened to your parents about getting a tattoo? I want one kaso ayaw ng magulang and ng boyfriend. How do I convince them about getting one?
A: I didn’t open up to them, I just got one without their permission 🙈 I don’t think they could have told me not to get one because they both have tattoos anyway. I made sure to go to a clean place, though. The guy who did my first tattoo was also my dad’s tattoo artist, Myke Sambajon. You have to think forward: will your tattoo design look nice even when you’re a lola? Maybe that “DANCE LIKE NO ONE’S WATCHING” quote will make you cringe in 5 years. Haha. Basta that’s your body! Just hear out what the nay-sayers have to say but ultimately, it’s your decision especially if you’re an adult.

Q: If you could get married again anywhere, where would it be? And what book/s can you recommend to someone who’s in a reading rut right now? Love you, Saabelly!!!
A: A really hard question because I don’t think I’d wanna change anything about my wedding :) The New York Library seems romantic though heehee. In a reading rut? Choose something light and easy to read. Try the Kevin Kwan trilogy!

Q: Hi Saab! i’ve read on one of your posts that you were on pills before, did it make you gain weight? what are the other side effects you have experienced?
A: Nope but it depends on your body. Ask your doctor for advice!

Q: Hi saab! Where did you get/buy those GoT maniature?
A: Hello! They were all gifts or freebies :)

Q: It must have been so tough for my ex-bf to break up with me while we still love each other. No 3rd party involved. Just school matters para iwas distraction daw :(
A: You should both compromise — as the “distraction” you can promise to be less demanding and you really should fill up your free time so you don’t resent him for not being able to always take you out. I can only imagine how taxing it is to study med or law (usually a factor for these types of breakups). If you both commit to being understanding and transparent about expectations then you won’t be easily disappointed. Pero if hindi talaga kaya ng isa sa inyo, wag nang pilitin. It takes two to make a thing go right, di ba?

Q: Hi Saab! I’m trying to quit smoking and was wondering how you did it. Please share some tips with me so I can get flawless skin like you too hihi thank you! :)
A: Look closely at your skin. Do you see those huge pores? Gusto mo ba ganyan na forever or mas malala pa? Make the decision to stop smoking and, really, just stop. Easier for me bec Jim vapes so when I wanted to smoke before, I would just take a few puffs. But now, I don’t crave for it na at all.

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve seen your wedding SDE like a hundred times already and still cry every single time :(( One of the best talaga! Pls pls pls post your vows to Jim too! My romantic self will be so happy ♥
A: Hehehe I’m shy

Q: As a daughter of famous people, how was it like in school as a kid? Were you pressured to do good since people know you and your parents? were you judged a lot or bullied?
A: I think my teachers were generally nicer. In grade school, no one really cared because wala naman tayong lahat pakialam nung grade school tayo hehe but as I grew older, some girls made me a target of their bullying. It wasn’t SUPER awful, though. They tried but I didn’t let it affect me much.

Q: How do u deal with relatives that always judge you and look down on you? I’m trying my best and am taking up a post graduate course (medicine) but they still think I’m stupid. (they are not doctors
A: Hello! Hay that’s horrible. Sorry you’re in that situation. I guess we’ll always have bitter titas and titos in our lives. Just change your perspective nalang and feel bad for them instead because of how unhappy they are with their own lives. They probably try their hardest to find something wrong in everyone so that they can feel better about themselves. Isn’t that the saddest thing?:(

Q: saab, help! my bf has been hanging out often w coworkers & sometimes alone w a lady coworker. he’s always been the hold-the-door-for-you type of guy – a real gentleman. should i be concerned? :(
A: Hello! I don’t think you should be concerned unless he’s behaving differently and there is a cause for suspicion. Otherwise, trust your boyfriend and be proud that he is a gentleman and women can’t help but have a crush on him. The more confident you are, the more attractive you’ll be to him. Kung lokohin ka man niya, bakit ikaw ang magfifeel bad? Eh siya yung kupal kung ganon. Stay golden.

Q: Bat ang bagal magload ng blog mo jiriiitzz
A: SORRY NAAAA mabagal pa rin ba??

Q: what age mo sinuko ang bataan haha sorry na luvs

Q: Why are you so BEAUTIFUL? haha lol even though you are, my question is what is your favorite makeup brand?
A: Thank you :) I don’t have a favorite brand to use because I like mixing, matching, and trying new stuff but I’m a little biased towards MAC because they always support me and give me gifts heehee :)

Q: When are you going to film a make-up video with Maxx? I’ve been waiting since your very first one that you uploaded on Vimeo & she tweeted you saying she wants to make one with you!!!
A: Sige I’ll guest her in one of my SaabTV LIVE episodes!!

Q: Hi Saab, ayos lang bang madalas ako masabihang “malandi” ng boyfriend ko? Tuwing nag-aaway kami, he kept on saying things like that kasi ganyan daw ako on my past. Pero never nagkaron ng any guy na involve sa whole relationship namin, I swear. Basta sobrang layo ng pinag-aawayan namin pero masasabi nya yan together with other harsh words kapag galit na sya
A: Ay ayoko ng ganyan :( Sorry, pero pag ako sabihan ng ganyan, iiwan ko talaga. This is why people say that you need to love yourself before you can love another person. Ako kasi I love who I am and if somebody attacks me and tears me down, I’m not afraid to stand up and leave. I don’t want someone like that in my life. Don’t stand for it, girl. Leave.

Q: Favorite ko pa din pakinggan yung Girl Be Mine ng Daddy mo, Saab. ♥
A: Thank you :)

Q: Hi saab! I super love your feed! Im about to travel outside the Philippines hopefully this December. How can you take unique pictures ba? Hihi ang ganda kasi ng shots mo.. 😍 thanks!
A: Ay, thank you! I just shoot whatever I think looks good, wala naman akong specific techniques! It helps to look at photos, you’ll get a feel of what you like and what you don’t like :)

Q: Ate Saab, what filter do you use sa photos mooooo 😍 Thank youuu 🤗
A: I use VSCO filters according to my mood hehe

Q: Hi saab, How old were you when naging mag jowa kayo ni jim? Mwa love you!
A: LOL jowa! I was 23 or 24!

Q: Hi Saab! Have you already watched Kíta Kita? Ganda girrrrl. Watch mo tas blog about it. Millenials must understand how genuine yet simple true love can be. May your blog be one of those venues. Tnx!
A: Yes, I liked it when I actively looked past the creepy stalker behavior of Empoy. Haha! #SuspensionOfDisbelief


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