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Ask Saab 91

· Joey and I getting ready for yoga this morning hehe ·

August 22, 2017 1 Comments

Q: Ako ulit! (You know, Kíta Kita fan hehe) please say Hi to Candy pala! She looks like my friend. Hehe. Much love all the way from Pangasinan! :)
A: Hello! Okay :)

Q: SAAAAAAAAAB why can’t I find your wedding video online anymore? omg sorry if I sound demanding or smth I love you and Jim!!
A: Here you go!

Q: Pano mo inaayos kilay mo? Pnpluck mo ba? thread? Gandang natural :)
A: I have it threaded every other month, sometimes umaabot ng 3 months na walang threading hehe

Q: Have you ever had Milia? They’re tiny white bumps in the skin
A: YES! On my eyelid!! I had to go to the derma to have it taken out. It took less than 5 minutes tapos they showed me pa what they extracted. It was a hard bead-like thing. Gross! Caused by overactive sebaceous (oil) glands, I believe!

Q: Hi Ate!! Where did u buy ur jeans that u always wearing on ur trip? Hehe
A: Topshop! They’re called Hayden :)

Q: Hello do you like wearing nude lipstick?
A: Not so much nude, but I like light brown :)

Q: Hi Saab I went to your besh buy last time and i asked you what lippie you’re wearing. I always love your style and make up. It inspires me to take care of my skin. <3
A: Aww thank you so much :) We’re starting Besh Buy on Instagram (@beshbuyph), by the way!!

Q: Hi saab! How long did you finally concretize cup fiction? And whose idea was it to venture into food business?
A: Never thought I’d be in the food business, thankfully our partners (Pao & Tia, my longtime college friends who are also now married) are experienced in it. From conception, construction to opening, it took us a total of 8 months :)

Q: Hi Saab, will it be ok with u if your hubby (who you have forgiven for having kids with another woman) asks for your permission to sleep over at the kids house? Yes, their mom’s gonna be there. Tnx
A: I think that would be inappropriate. Wait, so these kids (plural??) were conceived while he was married to you?! Or did he have them before marrying you?

Q: Hi Saab! Nagluluto ka ba? Y/N? If yes, what’s your fave dish na naluto mo na? If no, who cooks/helps you in preparing your food? Hehe. Thank you :)
A: No. Hahaha! But I can make basics like fried egg, hard-boiled egg, scrambled egg…….. LOL. I can also fry bacon and cook rice. Jim enjoys cooking so he teaches our kasambahay some recipes. He also pre-marinates our meat para lulutuin nalang. I like to bake though!!

Q: I love linya linya shirts!!! ♥ Huhuhu. and I love you and Jim. I always watch your wedding video and naiiyak pa rin ako ♥ ♥ #couplegoals
A: Awww thank you!!

Q: Hi Saab! I know how much you love dogs, so I was wondering if you like other breeds as well. Do you have any plans on getting another fur baby? :)
A: Yes, we think it’s time for Joey to have a little brother/sister!! Thinking about it!

Q: Hi Saab! Who’s your favorite GOT character?
A: OH NO. Ang hirap!! I really like them all! I miss Margaery — she really knew how to play the game. Crush ko si Littlefinger (ew, I know, pls don’t judge me). Jon Snow is looking hotter and hotter each season my goodness. Cutie pie si Lyana Mormont of Bear Island. I guess my favorite character is Drogon. LELZ.

Q: i watched again your wedding video.. ano ung gift ni Jim sau nong wedding? ung inabot ni Maxx.
A: You need to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick :)

Q: hi Saab! anong hair color mo dito spellsaab.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/DSC09412.jpg and saang salon ka nagpacolor? sana mapansin mo ako huhuhu thank you!
A: Ash blonde, I had it done by the Matrix group at the L’Oreal Professional Academy!

Q: Hi Saab! What’s your favorite Doc Martens pair that you own right now and what pair would you like to have? I hope to meet you in your September Spell Saab meetup!!! Have a great day!
A: My favorite right now are my low-cut white Dante Venice sneakers and my 2976 Smooth boots. The Magdalena Soft Buck and Wyoming look pretty cool. I want heels because I’m short 😂

Q: Hi Saab! I feel bad because the guy I dated told our mutual friends nainip na siya that we we’re not sleeping together yet, hassle raw that’s why he disappeared :( so what do I do?
A: What do you do? You thank your lucky stars he’s out of the picture! NEXT!

Q: Hi, Saab! Been a reader of yours since 2008. <3 Hihi. Sorry to ask this, but are you still in good terms with Adrienne? I just got curious because I don't see you hanging out with her anymore.
A: Hello, thanks for sticking around! We’re not enemies, we just have different interests and that’s okay! As you grow older, you lose touch with some friends and it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault.

Q: hi saab, what do u think of getting implanon as a birth control?
A: I’ve never considered it so I can’t say I have an opinion about it! Ask your doctor :)

Q: Hi Saab! Do you plan on switching to vlogging in the future?
A: Probably not :p


August 21, 2017


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    August 24, 2017

    The Magdalena Wyoming looks so sleek, bagay sayo yun! I just hope it’s also comfortable. :)