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Ask Saab 93

· Hong Kong Disneyland, Dec 2017 | Photo by Jim Bacarro ·

January 5, 2018 3 Comments

Q: If you were to ask anything, what would it be?
A: Bakit laging may buntis na kahera sa Mercury Drug?

Q: Hi saab. My reputation precedes me. Everyone hates me. My life is going downhill. Advice?
A: What did you do, girl? Have you reflected on your life? Have you changed for the better? I think the best damage control would be to let go of the past, stop punishing yourself, and move forward knowing that you’re a much better person than you were before.

Q: Hi Saab! Any tips on how to save for future travel? <3
A: After computing for your monthly needs, paying for your debt and investments, put the rest of your money in a savings account and don’t touch until your target date! Wait for airline sales, that really helps!:)

Q: Just read Ask Saab 88, will you really have a gig in Cebu? :)
A: We were planning to have one but then I got pregnant and looks like it’s postponed until further notice 😅

Q: Hi ate saab.any addicting mobile game app u can suggest? Thanksss
A: I’m not a fan of playing games on my phone but I really enjoyed the Stranger Things game!

Q: Are you close with Arkin and Elmo? What are their favorite hobby? Especially arkin?
A: Arkin and Elmo love playing League of Legends!

Q: Hi Saab!! Ang gaganda pala ng mga vlogs mo pinakita sakin ng kaibigan ko, and now im hooked :) btw do u still play dota, ano po steam id nyooo?
A: I wouldn’t think maganda ang vlogs ko haha but thank you!! I don’t know if I should continue posting on YouTube, it’s so intimidating. I haven’t played DoTA in a while!!

Q: Hi. any advise.. they said that im the “gustuhin but not the ligawin type” and sometimes npapa-ask ako bkit di ako nililigawan. i am ok being single for years but sometimes i want to have bf na.
A: WHO says that?? Anyway, girl, it’s 2018. No need to wait for a guy to “save” you. If you want to find a partner, you should put yourself out there. Go out, ang daming dating apps ngayon, if you like somebody go and make the first move! I hear the app BUMBLE is great for girls bec you need to be the one to initiate the conversation! Gowww! Good luck and may this be your year.

Q: I’m having hard time to talk to new people. Im very quiet when im in a group of people na im not close with and they would always point out na im very tahimik. Huhu. Sometimes i think my presence makes people uncomfortable kaya minsan i prefer not to go out nalang. How to overcome this? Im introvert, shy, lahat na ata. any advice po? From you or ur readers
A: Maybe try and understand why you are the way you are? Why are you so shy? Small things can help build up your confidence, like wearing a nice outfit or putting on a nice shade of lipstick! Look at yourself in the mirror and find your favorite thing about yourself! Feeling good about yourself physically will make it somewhat easier to be around people. It will then lead to conversation and you’ll be able to show off your great personality and interesting hobbies! But if you’re quiet when you’re with people you’re not close to, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Just try and be more aware of the vibe you’re giving out. I don’t think having resting bitch face is an excuse. I think it’s rude to wear flip-flops to a formal meeting the same way that I think it’s rude to look like you’d rather be anywhere else when you’re with me. Looking friendly — even if it doesn’t come naturally to you — doesn’t mean you’re being fake, it’s putting effort into being polite and aren’t we more inclined to make friends with polite people? Good luck and I hope you come out of your shell this year :)

Q: Hi saab what do you usually do during your freetime?
A: I play with my Nintendo Switch, watch TV series, read a book, play with Joey, cuddle with Jim.


January 19, 2018



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    January 5, 2018

    omg! nakarelate ako sa “gustuhin type, but not ligawin” HAHAHA and yes to initiate the first move, 2018 na! :D

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    Raei Baccay

    January 5, 2018

    Ang ganda po lagi ng advice mo. Mas feel ko na ngayon kasi may mom vibes na. Haha. The twins will grow up kind talaga. <3

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      January 5, 2018

      Aww I can only hope so <3