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January 30, 2018 2 Comments

Q: Saab! Make a regular vlog please! :D Hehe! I love ya!
A: I really want to!!!😭

Q: hi saab, how to deal with people asking you why are you still not pregnant? in an ethical manner? ;-)
A: You can smile, show a little bit of discomfort and say, “I really think it’s a personal matter between me and *name of husband* so if you don’t mind, let’s talk about something else? How are YOU?” — you don’t have to be aggressive when you say this. But if it’s still too “confrontational” for you, you can just make a joke like, “If you sponsor their schooling, I’ll get pregnant na!” then just laugh it off. Something I’ve said in the past was, “Wow, ikaw ba magpapalaki?” Hahaha grabe kasi mang-pressure.😅 Good luck!!

Q: Saab, nakakapagod, gusto ko huminto muna, paano kaya?
A: Take a break, stay in bed all day. Listen to your body and mind!! I hope you feel well soon.

Q: Do you already have options of names for your kids?
A: We’ve shortlisted some names but I know we’ll decide once we hold them in our arms!

Q: Hi Saab! How’s your pregnancy going? Have any weird cravings? Hope all is well for the three of you ☺️
A: I seem to want anything my friends post online. Ramen, milk tea, etc. Nothing weird cos I’m also inggitera even when not pregnant hahaha

Q: Hi ate Saab! Nakapunta na po ang Magalona fam sa Zambales? 😅
A: Not all together but I’ve been to Crystal Beach a couple of times for Summer Siren!

Q: Hi ate Saab :(( I have a huge crush on your brother Arkin and I just want to know if he’s starting to like somebody in showbiz or outside sa showbiz? 😃
A: Hahahaha it’d be a miracle if I knew that!! He won’t tell me anything :p

Q: I’ve been in a relationship with my bf for 6 yrs and I have watched others get engaged already. I can’t help but wonder why he hasnt asked yet? Im actually getting worried na. XD
A: It’s really not about the time you’ve been together! Don’t give in to pressure — it’s better that you’re both prepared. If you at least talk about the future and you have the same views on marriage, then you shouldn’t be worried!

Q: Hi Saab! I’m usually the type of person that’s self-conscious & gets bothered by what other people say about me. I say I won’t let it get to me but it actually does. Any tips to overcome this? :(
A: You have to ask yourself if these people matter to you. I used to feel the same way until I realized that I don’t spend quality time with these people who talk about me behind my back so they really don’t know me at all. The people who *do* know me, love me! I think that weighs so much more than a couple of acquaintances that have nothing better to do but talk about you. Cheer up and focus on the people that matter to you :)

Q: Hi saab, thank you for noticing! How would you feel if your bf’s ex girlfriend still friends with your bf’s family like super close (kinukuhang ninang si ex gf nung ate ni bf levels) thanks!!! ❤
A: There’s really nothing you can do about it. Lauren’s a big part of my life and she’s Elmo’s ex-girlfriend. But even if we’re super close, she barely has any contact with him. They respect each other’s relationships especially since they’ve been broken up for years! Also, I don’t think it bothers Elmo because we’re all grown-ups here. Weird siguro kung pati sa intimate family Sunday dinners kasama yung ex-girlfriend ng bf mo, pero kung hindi naman siya nakaka-abala sa relationship mo, you’ll just have to accept that the ex is a human being who happens to click with your boyfriend’s ate!:) P.S. Sorry, Lo, ginawa nanaman kitang case study HAHAHA 😂


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    January 31, 2018

    Q: Why do you need progesterone shots for the twins? Did you undergo IVF?

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      February 1, 2018

      That’s not how this works haha!! But I’ll include your question in the next post :)