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Ask Saab 97

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October 23, 2018 1 Comments

Q: not a question but i miss your writing ♥
A: When I caught this in my e-mail inbox, I opened up my blog and started this Ask Saab post ♥

Q: when are you planning to change your phone? are you just going to change it once it really dies and when it’s totally wreck? And change it to an iPhoneX. and have a bigger storage.
A: WTF is this attack… What do you care about my phone… Are you a bot?:(((

Q: When are you going to answer all of your questions?JK.I’ve been enjoying listening to your podcast with your family.I listen to the both of you on the bus.Thank you for existing you are my role model
A: Thank you xxx

Q: Hi, Saab. I’m 26 and everyone’s asking me what my plans in life are and I think I lost track about my interests anymore. People are pressuring me. Any advice? Thanks for hearing me. ♥
A: Don’t let pressure get to you. Just block out all of the noise and focus on what YOU want to do. Can’t find the answer? Why not try new things? You’ll figure out which one gives you happy energy :)

Q: Ask Me Anything hi saab! may i ask why your name is spelled “saab” not “sab”? thank you in advance! 💕
A: My parents thought of spelling it like the car brand SAAB haha

Q: What camera can you recommend for someone who likes to take good pictures but still a noob tho? :)
A: I am still a noob until now haha and I am so unqualified to give you photography advice. I only have a good camera because Sony Philippines gave me the A6000 as a gift years ago. I’m really happy with it except for the video time limit.

Q: hi. i wish youd discuss more on ‘should your famiky stay friends with ur ex’ because ur wuwjas ep was so bitin
A: We discussed it in more detail on a very very very very old episode.

Q: Saab, is it normal to not wanna have a baby? I’m afraid to tell my husband. I never knew that I don’t wanna have a baby until after marriage. I love kids but I just want things to stay what they are
A: I think it’s normal not to want a baby although this definitely should have been discussed before marriage. Maybe if you dig deeper and figure why you don’t want to have a baby then you MIGHT find that it’s not the actual baby that you don’t want? Change is not always bad — it’s the only thing in this world that you can rely on. If you think not-having-a-baby will magically freeze time, then I’m afraid you are going to be very disappointed. Open up the topic w your husband. Talk. Communicate. Do not start w a sweeping statement (i.e. “I never want to have kids”) but try to just open the topic of having kids first. What he expects, how you’ll be able to handle it, will one of you stop working? Just an exploratory conversation! Good luck and I hope you figure things out :)

Q: How did you guys come up with Pancho’s name? :)
A: It’s my grandfather’s name :)

Q: Hello, Ate Saab! This would sound really weird but I hope you keep an open mind. Hahaha! How to improve/lighten certain areas in your body? Specifically singit & tuhod? Any advice po? 😭
A: Hello! Exfoliate, moisturize, and make sure your skin is clean, wear sunblock and all that! But keep in mind that sometimes it’s just in our genetics. Some of us are born with darker skin and I don’t think we need to “fix” this. My puffy and dark under eyes are hereditary and I learned to love my eyebags! It looks so weird when photographers completely airbrush my eyebags. It also used to hurt my feelings like, “why did they think they needed to erase my eyebags…” But now I just shrug it off and think, “man, these people are weird” haha! Here’s another secret: most of the time, NOBODY is looking at your knees!;)



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    Sarah Jane

    October 23, 2018

    Ahhhhh, I missed this! Keep on writing, Saab! 😘 wag mo intindihin yung kupal mong ex friend na insensitive and tactless. Tse sya!!