Spell Saab

I finally purchased Beyoncé’s self-titled album which she released out of nowhere the other day!! There was no hype, no hulabaloo, she just released it at midnight, exclusively on iTunes, and she has broken the record for fastest sales on iTunes EVER. She sold 828,773 copies in only 3 days. This was also her biggest debut week. It truly is a testament of how powerful social media is!!!

Some people say it’s an ego thing — she wants to prove she really is the Queen B without the usual overhyping that young artists do today (Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, etc. have released singles prior to album launch dates). Well, whatever her reason is for doing this surprise release, I am one of the millions of grateful people all over the world!!

For less than $12, I got her full album which contains 14 songs and 17 music videos.

I watched her videos last night around 3AM while on the set of Adarna. I got home at 630AM from taping and I’m already up because I want to go to the gym!!! LOOK AT THAT BODY:

NEED TO ACHIEVE! Thanks for the inspiration, BEYYYY!!! Also, thanks for the new workout music! I am in looove with Drunk in Love, Yoncé, Flawless, Partition, Haunted… Who am I kidding?! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

I’m off to the gym!! If you need fitness inspiration, I highly suggest you purchase her album on iTunes!! Set yourself some Beyoncé Goals!! BOW DOWN, BITCHES!!

P.S. What an amazing staff, no leaks whatsoever. And I’m soooo kilig with the Drunk in Love video <3<3<3