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I just watched Blue Jasmine, a 2013 film by Woody Allen. I wrote a long blog post just now, tried to publish it and then Tumblr froze so whatever, I’m not even going to try.

It’s rare that I watch a film before knowing what it’s about but I did exactly that with Blue Jasmine. I got blown away though so I guess you won’t mind if I don’t tell you much about it either.

Cate Blanchett gives an amazing performance!!! Her shifts from one emotion to another are so natural. Plus, she looks great.


The rest of the cast was on point as well. Alec Baldwin is a personal favorite since I’m a big 30 Rock fan. He’s just the ultimate peg for a powerful and successful man.


Sally Hawkins plays Cate’s sister and she perfects playing the innately good girl with a little bit of bad luck

Sally Hawkins

Louis C.K. is also in it a little bit. I watch his depressingly hilarious show Louieand I remember him as Leslie Knope’s ex from Parks and Recreation – his characters always seem to be playing himself as I know his character on Louie is based on his real life self.

Louis CK

Bobby Cannavale gives a great performance as a desperate drunk in love

Bobby Cannavale Blue Jasmine

But I’ll always remember him as Will Truman’s (Will & Grace) cop boyfriend hehe

Will & Grace

AND I just realized that he’s the mysterious hot douchebag from Boardwalk Empire!


Too much Bobby Cannavale? Sorry, I’m just shocked that he’s not even in Blue Jasmine’s cast overview on IMDB.com!

Speaking of which, Jim and I have also been watching a lot of Boardwalk Empire lately. I watched the first season when it first came out but I never really caught up so Jim and I decided to do a marathon of it. Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are off the air and we need our television violence fix. Haha. We’re currently on season 2.


Aside from Martin Scorsese, Mark Wahlberg (producer), and Steve Buscemi, I watch this show because of Michael Pitt!!

michael pitt

I first fell in love with his strange, womanly looks when I saw the critically panned Murder By Numbers starring Sandra Bullock.


Yes, that’s Ryan Gosling beside him. He played a giant jerk in that movie.


Wow, can you imagine if Ryan Gosling had gone on a more Sean William Scott direction?

So that’s my TV/movie 2 cents for today.

January 21, 2014