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Build-A-Library Baby Shower

January 29, 2018 16 Comments

I remember the power I felt when I first learned how to read. I read everything I could. All the books around the house, cereal boxes, school documents, etc. I challenged myself to read things I didn’t even understand!

I marveled at my ate Unna’s Archie Comics collection (it was huuuuge and she even had a log for it so she could keep track of all — what a nerd!! Hahaha). I read some pretty age-inappropriate stories (HAHA) about a sick Archie trying to make out with Veronica. “I don’t want to catch your germs,” Ronnie said. I didn’t know what germs meant and in my head, I was pronouncing it was a hard G as in GIRL but with an M. I wonder if I’ve shared this story before? Maybe, but it’s just one of my earliest reading memories and I find it so amusing looking back at these small learning experiences.

My favorite subject in grade school was READING and it’s still one of my favorite things to do to this day. I only hope that I can pass on the same passion for reading and learning to our kids!

When Japanese baby brand Aprica approached my mom about throwing me a baby shower, I got so excited! I learned about the brand through my friend Sam Valenciano and she had only good things to say about her beautiful baby girl Nataleia’s Aprica stroller!

My mom, my sisters, and best friends volunteered to plan it for me and I only had two requests:

  • Please no gender stereotyping with blues and pinks!
  • Can it be a build-a-library theme where guests can bring books for the twins?

Everything else was up to them with the help of Aprica’s Jenna Sy!

Look at the great set up care of Crafty Celebrations!

Lots of reds — I’m guessing they knew my favorite color!! Hehe

Look at our chic strollers!! We chose the Luxuna Dual in black and red.

Click here to learn more about the Aprica Luxuna Dual stroller!

Here’s a series of awkward photos because the photographer, as nice as he was, kept asking us to do some cheesy poses and we just couldn’t take it seriously hahaha SORRY!!!

Thank you to Bombshell Sweets Bar for the dessert buffet!

Crafty Celebrations also provided some fun food carts that the kids (and adults – heehee) really enjoyed!

Special thanks to the gorgeous hosts and my best friends that helped plan the event: Candy and Lauren!

Because I couldn’t attend Maxx’s wedding in Boracay, I wore my matron-of-honor dress to my baby shower instead! Hehe. Thank you for the beautiful creation, Martin Bautista!

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Maxx and Rob!!

Since we took a double couple photo, we decided to take a photo with all the couples in the family, plus mama!

And then I joked about taking bets on who would get pregnant next. Heheheehe look at mom’s face 😂

Now with the whole fam! Too bad Elmo couldn’t make it!!

With my wonderful in-laws!! Ate Mia lives in Singapore and Chelo couldn’t make it because I made a mistake and told her to block off SUNDAY instead of SATURDAY! We’ll have another baby shower that they will help throw since all the titas and cousins from the Bacarro side couldn’t make it to this one. Looking forward to it!💕


We played so many games and I kept laughing the whole afternoon!!

Team B3 The Babies (SOBRANG CORNY NG TEAM NAME KASI 3 LANG DAW SILA AND NOT 4 SO HINDI “B4 THE BABIES” 😭) and Team ClaMaMa (Clara + Maxx + Martin — not the best team name either but I was the one who gave it so pwede na HAHAHAA) faced off with tissue diapers.

Maxx’s thong diaper won over Kyle’s Borat-inspired diaper 😂

Then some couples had to feed each other chocolate pudding while blindfolded hahahaha look at Enzo’s face

Ali and Joana won — it wasn’t even close!!! Great strategy by placing the pudding right in front of Ali’s mouth and just scraping it all in 😂

Then it was the titas’ turn! The classic guess-the-chocolate-in-the-diaper game. As Maxx pointed out, it’s worse for them because they’ve actually changed diapers compared to us non-moms so imagine what went through their heads while having to taste the chocolate melted and crushed inside the diapers hehehe

Look at our lovely souvenirs from InstaMug!

Now on to my favorite part of the program, where people explained why they chose specific books for our babies. So sweet, of course, I cried 😭

Jason is one of the best gift-givers talaga. Look at this cute book about how crayons started a rebellion!!

Tita Carol is our ninang along with her husband Tito Bitoy (my dad’s best friend) and they gave us a “Goodnight Darth Vader” book that stars both Luke and Leia!!

My mom gave us a couple of books and this “YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE” one made me cry because that’s always been her song to me omg naiiyak ako while typing this HAHAHA

Thank you to everyone who came, for all your baby gifts (super special thanks to my ate Unna for Facetime-ing me while registering for gifts!!), and for all the books you’ve added to the twins’ collection.

There are some duplicates which I will share with my other mom friends! I’m so excited to read to the kids 😭 Thank you again to Aprica!!! #SaabLovesAprica

APRICA is locally carried by these stores.
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    January 29, 2018

    What a nice baby shower theme, Saab! Congratulations :)

    • Reply


      January 29, 2018

      Thank you!!

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    January 29, 2018

    When I first saw your IG post about your bridal shower, I really thought nakapili na kayo ng name (Aprica), and went searching for another post for the other baby’s name hahaha I really thought I missed your name announcement! :P Congrats again Jim & Saab!!! <3

    • Reply


      January 29, 2018

      Hahahaha!!! Oo nga noh!!! Thank you so much :)

  3. Reply

    Bea Sacdalan

    January 29, 2018

    This makes me so emotional too because baby showers mean one thing for me — babies are really on the way there already!!!! Waaaaaah, really excited for this another chapter in your life, Saabae. 😭 Like, really excited about everything!! ❤️ From the changing of diapers down to reading books for them. ✨ Love you!! ☺️

    • Reply


      January 29, 2018

      Hehehe thank you, Bea!!

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    January 30, 2018

    You and Jim are going to be one of the coolest parents! I love the cupcakes, the cake, the entire concept!
    Looking at you biting your lip makes me cry, too. I don’t know why but since you got pregnant and you mention your mom, I feel you get emotional and I, too, get emotional.

    Love you, Saab, always. Kisses for the twins! 😘😍

    • Reply


      January 30, 2018

      Hehehe thank you, Rika!!<3

  5. Reply

    Jemaima Melicor

    January 31, 2018

    I remebered the backdrop you and Jim used in the reception of your wedding. You used boooookss and that was one of the coolest set up 😍😍😍😍. I knew then your love for books and reading. I was so happy when I found out on your IG post about the baby shower theme. Your twins will have brilliant minds and that’s for sure! Congrats, Saab and Jim ❤❤❤

    • Reply


      February 1, 2018

      Thanks! I would never have agreed to use books as a backdrop if it meant ruining them but it just so happened that our event stylist (who is based in Baguio) had a garage full of her parents’ medical books that got flooded and she offered to turn them into a backdrop bec she was going to throw them out. Galing how it worked out :)

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    January 31, 2018

    Such a simple yet meaningful baby shower. I guess I’m not the only one who’s excited for the twins’ 1st bday haha! Thanks Saab for sharing your life milestones with us :)

    • Reply


      February 1, 2018

      Hahaha don’t hold your breath!! I refuse to give them a huge first birthday party because they’re not going to remember that anyway!!!:))))

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    January 31, 2018

    Super nice this baby shower theme. I’m gonna copy this if ever I get pregnant again, hehehe! Saab, I’m a new mom and you know what, it’s the best feeling/job in the world! Nakakapagod and napakasaya all at the same time. You and Jim will do great, for sure! Good luck!

    • Reply


      February 1, 2018

      Thank you, we sure hope so!!

  8. Reply


    February 1, 2018

    Super love the B.A.L. baby shower for the kambal! 💕 Goals ka talaga, girl! ON ALL LEVELS.

    • Reply


      February 7, 2018

      Hahaha!! Thank you!!<3