Spell Saab

My ate Unna sent me a link to www.bulletjournal.com over the Holidays and I started on my own bullet journal today!!


The idea is pretty simple but there are people like myself who have so many thoughts and ideas but no structure. I never really learned how to make outlines for my essays either, one of my weaknesses as a writer is not being sure how to start and finish a thought. It’s something I am currently working on. I need more order in my life.

This not-entirely-new system is helpful for me since I never really had the chance to learn how to organize my thoughts and tasks.

I’m thankful I learned this at the start of the year because I’m one of those suckers that think a new year means a clean slate. My wish list from my Secret Santa over Christmas was a large writing pad with the spiral spine on top, it’s my favorite kind of writing pad and since it’s brand new, I decided to use it for my bullet journal!


Hehe yes, see, I am so unorganized I forgot to send one 1 out of the 5 Witty Will Save The World planners I gave away and I haven’t gotten around to sending out the Sony phones!! Finally sending them out tomorrow though, thanks to the new and organized me! HAHA.

Looks pretty empty right now because tentative schedules will be written in pencil! I took a photo before I could add them hehe and I didn’t want to give too much away, like that one item on the 18th that’s a secret for now. Hehe.

To learn more about Bullet Journaling, visit www.bulletjournal.com :) Happy new you!

EDIT January 7: I’ve migrated my bullet journal onto a smaller notebook for mobility. It will be my planning notebook. My writing pad will be more for… well, writing.

December 30, 2013