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Ask Saab 84

Q: Hi Saab, how did you/do you explain to Jim your PMS? I get super annoyed with my boyfriend when I am PMS-ing. Haha I don’t know how to explain to him.:) Love you, btw I love Talk so much!x A: Just tell him jokingly that you’re about to get your period and you’re very…

Ask Saab 83

· Hunter Valley, Sydney | Photo by Jim Bacarro, 2016 ·

Q: anything else you wanna achieve in life? A: Publish a book. Make more albums with Cheats Q: Hi Saab, I’m kinda new to your blog, love it! So, Q, were you and Jim together already before Cheats? or is it the other way around? How did the other members take it? ♥ A: Hi…

Ask Saab 82

· Still from "Talk" music video ·

Q: What cities/states are you planning to visit next in the US? ♥ A: We just came back from LA, SF and NY end of June!:) Didn’t get to do much sight-seeing as we were busy with gigs most nights hehe. Will definitely go back soon! Ang saya! Q: Saab, ano size ng Anello mo…

Ask Saab 81

· Shirt from linyalinya.ph | Photo by Kyle Quismundo, 2017 ·

Q: How to have a flawless skin like yours? A: I know it’s the annoying answer but I really just clean my face every night. When I’m dehydrated, it becomes so obvious with my skin! My pores aren’t as tight and I look so tired. So when people say “drink water” as a beauty tip:…

Ask Saab 80

· Kebs by Linya-Linya | Photo by Kyle Quismundo, 2017 ·

Q: hi Saab! what is your take on newly married couples combining their social media accounts? I’m going to get married soon and kind of exploring this idea :D A: I honestly don’t understand it – I believe that Jim and I are not one person. We are separate beings and I’d like to keep…

Ask Saab 79

· Photo by Kyle Quismundo, 2017 ·

Q: Any tips on how to clean Anello bags? :) A: Oh wow you just reminded me of the fact that I’ve never cleaned mine 😅 I guess you can just use a wet hand towel to wipe it down, use a bit of laundry detergent to scrub it, rinse and air dry for a…

Ask Saab 78

· Photo by Kyle Quismundo, 2017 ·

Q: I see on social media that Mei Bastes is back in Manila. Is there any possibility for collaboration between you two? A: Probably not Q: Hi Saab! Anong kanta ginamit nyo sa first dance niyo as a married couple ni Jim? At ginamit mo rin ba yung traditional bridal march song? :) [Medyo two…

Ask Saab 77

· Photo by Kyle Quismundo, 2017 ·

Q: Hi, Saab! Do you play dota 2? :P A: Yes!! But I haven’t played in months because it really derails my life LOL Q: Sobrang hina ng capability ko to remember lines sa books that I read :( Kaya hindi ko masyado naaappreciate yung reading huhu. Are there ways to better understand or remember…

Ask Saab 76

· Photo by Gerard del Mundo, 2017 ·

Q: Hi Saab! ♥ Current hair care routine you want to share? :) TIA! x A: Try to do a hair mask once a week, don’t shampoo too much, maybe just 3-4 times a week unless you super need it. I now need to condition daily bec my hair is colored so it looks dry….

Ask Saab 75

Q: What turn table do you guys own? And where do you guys buy your vinyl records? BTW ang cool niyo. You guys are so chill :) A: We have a white REGA turntable :) We get the new ones from diff shops, like Grey Market along White Plains Katipunan or Satchmi. We buy second…