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Ask Saab 67

Q: How would you handle a cheating boyfriend? Have you ever cheated on someone, or somebody cheated on you, or somebody cheated on their girlfriend because of you? A: How to handle a cheating boyfriend: leave him. Based on experience, I would say a person can change, but I don’t think I would have lasted…

Ask Saab 65

· With some of my fave blog readers Mayee and Meryll Kae at the recent Besh Buy ·

Q: How long did you plan/accomplish stuff for your wedding? :) A: We got married about 9 months after we got engaged. So I did it verrrry slowly, took it day by day. Q: Hey Saab !! I’m about to start a blog and I AM FREAKING OUT. I love you and your work and…

Ask Saab 61

· Photo by Andrea Beldua for www.linyalinya.ph ·

Question: Hi saab! can you do more waking up with jim and saab? Please and btw You’re my 4ever crush wish to see you soon! (I’m a dude) Answer: Hey dude! Hehe. Yes, I’m finally writing down all the requests and putting them in my calendar!! Scheduled WUWJ&S for next week! Q: Good morning bes!…

Ask Saab 60

· Photo by Bel Certeza, 2017 ·

Question: Should I watch Stranger Things? I just finished Series of Unfortunate Events and Making a Murderer. Thanks! :) Answer: Yes! Question: Hi Saab! Any tips/advice for dieting? Answer: I’m having fun with intermittent fasting! Read up on it! Question: Hi saab! Do you also experience belly bloating? What’s your remedy? Answer: Yes. Drink lots…

Ask Saab 59

Question: Hello Saab! So happy to see this box active again! :D I love reading books but motherhood made me so busy I haven’t read one in 3 yrs. Any book that can help me get back on track? Thanks! xxo Answer: Hello! Glad to hear you’re reading again! I would suggest an inspiring autobiography…

Ask Saab 56

· Photo by MangoRed, 2014 ·

Question: Where is your next vacation trip with Jim? Answer: We’re going to Sydney in April with Maxx and Rob! Question: Hi Saab! can you do another TV Club blog? I really love your taste when it comes to TV series! pretty pls? :) Answer: Will do!! Thanks for the reminder! Question: There was a…

Ask Saab 55

· Photo by Ryan Ong, November 2016 ·

Question: Hi, nagpapa mani/pedi ka ba? Wala lang haha A: Yes! I like Celebrity Nails, it’s a home service spa! Q: Hi Saab! I’m planning of putting up my first business. Small time lang naman. Can you suggest any branding/marketing agencies? Thank you!!! :) A: I would recommend my friend’s PR agency, CASTRO PR (e-mail…


Question: Are you planning to have a baby na po ba? ☺ Answer: Not any time soon :) Q: Hey Saab! Wish you could help me with this dilemma of mine. I’m graduating in two months & I’m low key panicking because I still don’t know what kind of work I want to do! One…

Ask Saab 51

· Photo: Kenneth Caballa, YS Prom 2016 ·

Question: Will you ever consider petting a cat? Hahaha A: You mean touching a cat in a loving way? Hehe. Yeah of course, I’ve done that plenty of times. If you mean having a cat as a pet, I’ve considered it. But I think taking care of Joey is enough for me at the moment….

Ask Saab 50

· Photo: Paradise International Music Festival, April 2016 ·

Question: Do you feel hurt or offended pagpinagsasabihan ka ni hubby? From simple things to serious matters. how do you handle that? ako kasi hindi agad nakakamove on sa nafefeel ko and tampo talaga. Thanks! I like youuuu — Karla :) A: I used to get really defensive about it because I’m used to ~ALWAYS…