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Ask Saab 77

· Photo by Kyle Quismundo, 2017 ·

Q: Hi, Saab! Do you play dota 2? :P A: Yes!! But I haven’t played in months because it really derails my life LOL Q: Sobrang hina ng capability ko to remember lines sa books that I read :( Kaya hindi ko masyado naaappreciate yung reading huhu. Are there ways to better understand or remember…

Ask Saab 76

· Photo by Gerard del Mundo, 2017 ·

Q: Hi Saab! ♥ Current hair care routine you want to share? :) TIA! x A: Try to do a hair mask once a week, don’t shampoo too much, maybe just 3-4 times a week unless you super need it. I now need to condition daily bec my hair is colored so it looks dry….

Ask Saab 75

Q: What turn table do you guys own? And where do you guys buy your vinyl records? BTW ang cool niyo. You guys are so chill :) A: We have a white REGA turntable :) We get the new ones from diff shops, like Grey Market along White Plains Katipunan or Satchmi. We buy second…

Ask Saab 74

· PSA: Certified Calm Mid-Year Fit Madness Sale is ongoing! Get your fave workout gear at great prices! ·

Q: what do you think about teenage pregnancy? A: I don’t think it matters what age you are — not everyone is fit to be a parent. Also, it’s better to have life experiences before raising a human being. Q: Hi Saab, I love to start baking etc. I am always caught with the 2…

Ask Saab 73

· Photo by Caloy Encluna | Satchmi Vinyl Day, 2017 ·

Q: After 2 weeks of no communication, My boyfriend decided to call it quits, because his family doesn’t want me. What’s the best thing to do Saab? :( A: I’m sorry, I don’t have all the details but if his family doesn’t like you and he can’t stand up for you, you really shouldn’t be…

Ask Saab 72

· Besh Buy, 2017 (yes, that's my foot in the air) ·

Q: Hi Saab-eautiful. mehe! still on a colplay high ako. what’s your fave coldplay song? Ay sorry, songs pala. I demand three! HAHAHAHAHA xx A: Hello! The Scientist, Clocks, Shiver Q: Hi Saab, you are my fitspiration.I tried low carb diet, at first, I saw results agad pero after 1 month parang hnd narin ako…

Ask Saab 71

· With Frank & Maxx, 1989 ·

Q: Who is the real BabyGirl? You or BP Valenzuela? :) A: She can have it — I’m now Grown Girl. Lol. Q: Hi saab! when would cheats launch the second album? im from cebu and willing to fly agad agad to see you guys 😘 A: Late October this year! SEE YOU THERE!! Q:…

Ask Saab 70

· Photo by Nicky Aureo | Satchmi Vinyl Day, 2017 ·

Q: I’m getting married soon and while I’m so excited about it, I’m also scared of losing my privacy. As in I enjoy being alone, talking to myself, shooting faux makeup videos, and vlogging. How do I overcome this feeling of pagka-conscious? Soon we’ll be living together and will be sharing a room, mahihiya na…

Ask Saab 69

· Photo by Nicky Aureo | Satchmi Vinyl Day, 2017 ·

Q: Hi Saab! You have so many MAC products!! Do you buy them or are they sponsored? Just curious :) A: Some I buy, some are gifts from MAC :) Q: Hi Saab! Di ko kasi alam yung name ng ibang songs nyo. Inupload ko sa Youtube Channel ko. If ever, ask ko sana. hehe…