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Ask Saab 6

  • Mar 2, 2014

Q: Paano naging close ang mga Magalona sa Young’s? Paano kayo nagkakilala?? A: My best gay friends (2 are from PR, 1 is a celebrity stylist) met the Youngs at work and I guess they figured we would get along well. They introduced us and the rest is history! Q: Suggestion lang. I think it…

Ask Saab 5

  • Feb 7, 2014

Q: I just want you to know that you scare me hahaha I mean I’m scared because you’re brutally honest, direct to the point and really, really, really HONEST hahhaha it scares me. But I wanna be friends. lol stay cool! A: Don’t be scared, I’m not mean naman!! Q: Ate Saab! Have you been…

Ask Saab 4

Q: i love best coast and tennis.. pls recommend other artist similar to them. thank you A: CHVRCHES is so cute Q: Hey Saab! What’s the title of the video you posted before in your blog? It was Baby by Justin Bieber sang in an old way or its kinda like a vintage style… I…

Ask Saab 3

Q: ate saab, should I wait for the perfect moment to tell somebody I like him too? because he admitted to me that he liked me but our convo was cut short and now we barely talk A: Ummmmm.. WHATCHUWAITINGFOR,GURL?!?!! If he admitted that he liked you and you like him too – GO AHEAD….

Ask Saab 1

Q: do you think punching walls are therapeutic? A: No.. Screaming in a pillow is therapeutic haha! Q: Do you cringe when you hear the word “stuffs”? Or even maybe “equipments”? A: Furnitures. Luggages… Q: I don’t mind you not posting this. Just wanted to say that I’ve always loved how true you are to…

Ask Saab 2

Q: Hi Saab. Do you follow a schedule when blogging? And how long does it usually take you to create a blog post? :) Btw, I hope you will come visit Davao soon! Even if I can’t really meet you up close, it would still be great to see you :) A: I’m trying to…