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Relationship =/= Prison

· Cheats in San Francisco | Photo by Juddhas Semana, 2017 ·

“Grabe, may boyfriend ka na, diba?” “Hoy, may asawa ka na.” “Nanay ka na, mahiya ka nga!” A lot of people believe that being in a relationship means automatically being banned from talking to the opposite sex. I admit, I was once a very jealous girlfriend and I made a lot of rules up in…

Justin Bieber Does Carpool Karaoke

Okay, this website is my home so I’m just gonna keep putting things I like here. James Corden, a.k.a. The Baker from Into The Woods, is currently the host of The Late Late Show. He is SO cute I fell in love with him when I watched Woods. So he does this thing where he gets…

Candy Cuties Show You The ABCs of Dance

I think these boys got stuck at letter A the whole time: Adorably Awkward. Hahaha. Let these cuties teach you how to move and groove. Don’t forget to save the date: September 27 at the Metrowalk Tent. #CandyFair2014 Buy your tickets now at www.ticketworld.com.ph

The Artisan: Collection VII

Get your favorite boys something nice from local men’s clothing store, The Artisan. Their latest collection is “an ode to the ghost of past lovers.” A collection of 7 pieces of clothing, 3 fragrances and things all pieced up together. A study on how even the worse of things could make something beautiful in the…