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SaabTV: Alaska Milk Art Project!

I visited my nieces and nephews the other day and when I learned that my ate Unna’s eldest (Zoie) is now in the 5th grade, I was SHOOKT. Her being in the 5th grade probably means I can’t pull off saying trendy things like SHOOKT, right? Haha! Seriously, though, these kids grow up so fast….

Pop’s Peace On Earth

8 years ago, papa passed away. I used to think his death left an empty space inside of me but now I understand that this space was created for me to keep his legacy alive. I can never give up on this country because of how much he loved it. Please listen to my favorite…

SaabTV: Yoga Challenge with Lulu

I don’t usually think of milk. I guess it’s just not something one takes the time to think of. I mean, it’s part of every shopping list I’ve ever made but I don’t actually take the time to sit down and think of dairy. That would be weird, wouldn’t it? But today I found myself…

Japan Holiday: Tokyo Afternoon Tour

As I said, we went drinking the night before and I cried my eyes out when I learned of Carrie Fisher’s passing. And as promised – here’s the selfie I took that morning. So I pretty much just wore shades the whole day haha! Headed out for an afternoon tour of Tokyo. It’s best to…


*Nope, Jim and I didn’t attend Family Values Tour. It’s just a title. Teehee. For the younger ones: Family Values Tour was a rock & hip-hop festival that started in 1998. For our 3rd day in Tokyo, Jim and I made plans to meet up with my family who arrived in Tokyo the day before….


I wasn’t really planning on updating my blog while on vacation but I’m currently on a bullet train to Osaka from Tokyo and here I am typing away. It’s probably because of this e-mail I got 2 days ago: Short, sweet, direct to the point. So here you go: an unedited first draft of a…

SaabTV: Surprising Mama for Christmas

Wanted to do something special for the cutest mom in the world! ;) She was so surprised, guys! Check it out! HINT: I’ve NEVER done this… EVER. #ChristmasMiracle #LitAsFamily Click here to download the app we used, Google Duo: https://goo.gl/CzViim ♥, Saab

The Littl Cute Dog

“The Littl Cute Dog” by my nephew and godson Ivo. He made this after Joey stayed w ate Unna’s family while I was away 2 years ago. I’m very lucky that my family’s in love w my dog and they’re always volunteering to take her in when I travel. My mom’s not a big dog…

Domestic Dispute 2: Stuff We Learned From Our Parents

SAAB & JIM We’re in the car right now, welcome to the second episode of Domestic Dispute. I hope this is clear but don’t worry because we’ve decided that for the next consecutive episodes of Domestic Dispute we’re gonna do a transcription of the podcast because — Move into the country, gonna eat a lot…