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Eat Buy Try: Diet Diva + Komono + DeconstrucTees

Yay, the second Eat Buy Try blog post!! Haha. Read the first one here. Once again, to remind you all, this is not necessarily to encourage you to eat, buy, and try the things I write about here. My aim is to simply share with you the things I’ve recently eaten, bought and tried. EAT:…

Eat Buy Try: The First One!

Since my blog is now officially under Juice.ph (yay!) I’ve decided to adopt one of their regular topics: EAT, BUY, TRY! Juice.ph’s EAT BUY TRY section is usually for recommendations but to make things different (and easier haha) for my blog, mine will not necessarily be things I enjoyed. It’s simply what I’ve eaten, bought…

Pop Quiz: Chocolates

One pop quiz each week, not necessarily TOP 5 stuff but things that pop into my head under a specific theme. You can submit suggestions through my /ask box (click here)! This week’s topic suggested by: strawberrychescake KITKAT Strangely, I found cutting the foil with my fingernails very thrilling as a young girl. It was like magic….

Oaties Milk & Choco Chug

I am not kidding you when I say that all my friends who come over always ask me if they can have Oaties or Choco Chug. My fridge is full of the stuff!! So imagine you’re in a hurry in the morning but you know you’re not going to be able to function without breakfast….

7-Eleven’s BYO Cup Day!

Hearing about 7-Eleven’s BYO Cup Day got me really excited. It’s such a breath of fresh air whenever a company thinks of something outside the box as a way to market their brand. For 7-Eleven, they put the spotlight on everyone’s favorite: their Slurpee. A couple of days ago I was invited to the media…