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Domestic Dispute 4: Marriage And Money

SAAB: This is— JIM: Move into the country… Of course …gonna eat a lot of peaches Alright, welcome to the 4th episode of Domestic Dispute. It’s been a long time, I’m so sorry we haven’t updated but you know… Life happens. What a bad excuse. If we really want to do this we should keep…

Domestic Dispute 2: Stuff We Learned From Our Parents

SAAB & JIM We’re in the car right now, welcome to the second episode of Domestic Dispute. I hope this is clear but don’t worry because we’ve decided that for the next consecutive episodes of Domestic Dispute we’re gonna do a transcription of the podcast because — Move into the country, gonna eat a lot…

Not Everybody Gets Married To Have Children

In between late night gigs with my band and traveling with my family and friends, does my whole vibe scream that I am so desperately trying to bear a child? Just a short while after getting married, I went to a get-together with some college friends. Jim was catching up with his friends who were…

Domestic Dispute #1: Double Date with Manny & Janelle

Hello hello, welcome to the very first episode of Domestic Dispute — a podcast that my husband Jim and I have been talking about for months but we never really sat down and recorded something until last Friday when some friends came over and we decided to just go for it. Warning: I’m quite annoying…

Cooling Off: Yes or No?

Q: Naniniwala ka ba sa cool off? Para kasing nagiging routinary na lang yung relationship namin ng boyfriend ko ngayon. :( nabobore na ako. :( don’t know what to do! :( A: Awww… Personally I don’t believe in “cooling off” — I think the better thing to do is talk about it and be honest….

Should You Keep Gifts From Your Exes?

Q: Do you think being friends with your ex is wise? Is it alright to keep stuff that your ex gave you? Or is that insensitive to your present partner? A: I think it’s okay to be friends if your partner doesn’t mind. I think being friends is normal but to go out of your…

My Husband’s Awesome Wedding Vows

Dear Saab, When I first saw you, met you, I was just so curious. I couldn’t pin down what type of girl you were. You were such a mystery. All I knew was that you were a bit annoying, masungit but definitely rare and special. Who knew this mystery would eventually be a major crush…

Wake Up With Jim & Saab: Valentine’s Day 2016

Our Valentine’s offering: a new episode of #WakeUpWithJimAndSaab – yes, it’s now officially Jim’s name first since that’s the song we sang in the first episode, mali lang yung official opening slide. Haha. We shot this episode when we woke up this morning. Hopia like it! ♥, Saab

Valentine Sumo Meals at Not-So-Sumo Prices!

Most people have this habit of relating Valentine’s Day to expensive dinner dates. I beg to differ! Ika nga ni mareng Jennifer Lopez: “love don’t cost a thing!” Also, Jim and I are a testament to a no-frills relationship. Sometimes, we like giving each other gifts but we know how to live within our means….