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Music Club: Ourselves The Elves – Uncertainly

I’ve been listening to Ourselves The Elves’ EP Geography Lessons for months now. It only has 4 songs in it but I don’t mind having it on loop. I don’t mean to compare (but I will anyway because I mean it as a compliment hehe) but they remind me so much of one of my…

Listen to a Preview of Cube by Cheats

If you haven’t had the chance to grab a copy of the relaunched issue of our debut album, you probably have never heard our secret track CUBE. Here’s a way to listen to it sooner than planned: vote for our song DRUNK on JAM88.3’s ALL GOOD RADIO and we’ll upload the whole song online by…

Cheats Album Relaunch

My apologies for not updating my blog for over a week. I was so pre-occupied with our album relaunch that happened last Thursday. Why the relaunch? Here’s the thing: Candy and I are pretty controlling. Well, kind of. It’s just that we were hoping our previous suppliers would be able to execute our idea. Our…

Help Flying Ipis Get To SXSW!

Cheats just got home fresh from St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Singapore. To say that it was an amazing experience is such an understatement. IT WAS THE BEST. Being the first Filipino band to ever get invited to play there is a career high for us and I want to thank everybody who’s supported us….