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Four Days in Paris: Day 1

The Global team of Dove invited women from all over the world to experience their first ever Dove Pop-Up Store in Paris. “Why Paris?” some of us asked. “Because it’s the capital of beauty,” they answered. There’s no denying that. Here’s a photo journal of my first day in Paris. It was a free day…

Live Blogging: Photo Dump!

If you’re late to the live photo dumping party I started earlier this evening, you may want to check out my previous entry. This is a continuation of that last entry but using a different live blogging plugin for WordPress called *drum roll please* LIVE BLOGGING. ALRIGHT! Let’s do this!! [liveblog] ♥, Saab

Live Photo Dumping

So I made a really spontaneous purchase today and bought a new laptop. I saw Megan‘s gold MacBook a few weeks back and felt how light it was to carry around. I was never sold on the new line of MacBooks because of the whole design > ports thing. But hey, I’ve got a desktop…

Venice Stopover

We took a 4-hour train from Rome to Venice. The Rome train station was pretty chaotic for newbies like us. Planning to take a train from Rome? Here’s a tip: If anybody approaches you without a proper ID or uniform, do not listen to them. Stick to the guides you’ll see on the screens all…

Rome If You Want To

In light of the recent attacks that happened in Paris, I’d like to invite everyone who reads my blog to say a quick prayer for all the people who were affected by the senseless act of violence. Despite everything, I hope my succeeding blog posts will serve as a reminder of how lovely Europe is….

Paris Part 3: Best of Paris Tour

Ooooh do you like that little pa-hip artwork I made?! That’s from the little Christmas lights by our AirBnb bed. So pretty. Paris in Flames is a reference to an old song by one of my favorite emo bands in high school, Thursday. Our second day in Paris was dedicated to an 8-hour tour I…

Sony Xperia 48-Hour Challenge

I was asked by Sony to join an amazing Instagram challenge, the 48-HR challenge with my #Xperia Z3! It was perfect timing because I had scheduled a trip to Tali, Batangas with my friends. I highlighted 2-day battery life, waterproofing, and camera in low light for a whole 2 days, non-stop. Here are some photos…

Jim & Saab Save The World: Photos by J Lucas Reyes

I didn’t think other people would become so emotional about our wedding video and photos. What an overwhelming response to something I thought only Jim and I understood. Apparently, our love has saved the world! Hahaha! Okay, not exactly but many of our family and friends told us that we’ve inspired them to find true love. Don’t…

Happy Holidays

This is a day late, but keep it cool this Christmas & New Year! Here are some outtakes from our pre-nuptial photo shoot by Mango Red <3 I personally had a wonderful 2014. This is the year I went to my dream country Japan for the very first time and got proposed to under the cherry blossom trees….