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Pills + Periods + Pads

WARNING: this blog post might have a little too much information. It will get bloody. I got my period last night so I wore a sanitary pad right before going to bed. Very early this morning, I was lying on my belly and Jim rolled over to hug me. When his arm hit my butt,…

What A Year This Day Has Been

· - Last Year, Best Coast ·

Somebody commented on one of my posts that she misses my random updates on my blog. So here I go. Brace yourselves. 6AM I heard Joey shuffling by the bedroom door — an indication she had to pee. She wasn’t barking or anything. I’m a very light sleeper and I can feel it when my…

Ask Saab 58

Question: Hi Saab Ganda :) San kaya ko makakabili ng Belo Sanitizer? Wala sa Mercury at Watsons e. :) Thanks A: Hello! They’re available in all leading supermarkets! Question: Which do you prefer underwire bra or wireless? A: I prefer no bra hehe. But all my bras have underwires or are stick-ons Question: Hi, Saab….

Ask Saab 57

Question: I will never forget the day I saw you in person. I think it was 2 years ago. Your band went to UPLB to perform in our school’s event. I love you and sobrang ganda mo. Wala pala akong tanong hahaha Answer: Hehehe bawal yan!! But thank you!! Hope to visit UPLB again some…

Ask Saab 54

· Photo from Healthy Skin magazine ·

Q: Hey Saab! My boyfriend is about to go work abroad. I was wondering what good gift should I get him since I won’t see him physically for 3 years? ❤️ Nica A: Ooooh maybe something to help you stay in touch? Have you been together for a long time? Get him a laptop. Haha!!…

Ask Saab 53

· Photo by Paul Rosalinas ·

Q: You inspire me to do better with my blog, Saab! Thank you! What camera and app/photo editor do you use? A: Yay :) I’m glad to hear that! I use my Sony A6000 and Adobe Lightroom 5! Q: What is your advice to a teenager girl who is still unsure of her feelings towards…

Anniversary in Siargao: A Surprise From Jim

On our second morning in Siargao, I woke up bright and early! I let Jim sleep in a little bit more while I read my Miranda July book over coffee. Once Jim woke up, we headed straight to Very Good Nice for another surf sesh — do I sound gnarly yet?? Yuck haha. We were…

Ask Saab 51

· Photo: Kenneth Caballa, YS Prom 2016 ·

Question: Will you ever consider petting a cat? Hahaha A: You mean touching a cat in a loving way? Hehe. Yeah of course, I’ve done that plenty of times. If you mean having a cat as a pet, I’ve considered it. But I think taking care of Joey is enough for me at the moment….

Ask Saab 50

· Photo: Paradise International Music Festival, April 2016 ·

Question: Do you feel hurt or offended pagpinagsasabihan ka ni hubby? From simple things to serious matters. how do you handle that? ako kasi hindi agad nakakamove on sa nafefeel ko and tampo talaga. Thanks! I like youuuu — Karla :) A: I used to get really defensive about it because I’m used to ~ALWAYS…

Japan Holiday: Osaka Castle

Let’s pretend this post is not a month delayed. Hehe. I totally skipped blogging about the last day of our Japan holiday!! For our final day in Osaka, we woke up early and snuck in a trip to the famous Osaka Castle. It was such a beautiful day out, we got ice cream and coffee…