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SaabTV: First Time in New York City

I’m back!!! OMG I’m back. Grabe, that was a long pause between blog posts. I’m so sorry, I’m all over the place and scrambled to get stuff done for our US trip and then had a lot of different work in between and I couldn’t really bring myself to blog while I was super stressed…

Eat Girl: Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Cheeseburger

Planning date nights can get a little tricky after some time. It’s hard to constantly look for new, affordable places week after week. I think one of the reasons why I keep going back to Tokyo Tokyo is the fact that they always bring something new to the table. Their latest offering is a Japanese…

Pills + Periods + Pads

WARNING: this blog post might have a little too much information. It will get bloody. I got my period last night so I wore a sanitary pad right before going to bed. Very early this morning, I was lying on my belly and Jim rolled over to hug me. When his arm hit my butt,…

What A Year This Day Has Been

· - Last Year, Best Coast ·

Somebody commented on one of my posts that she misses my random updates on my blog. So here I go. Brace yourselves. 6AM I heard Joey shuffling by the bedroom door — an indication she had to pee. She wasn’t barking or anything. I’m a very light sleeper and I can feel it when my…

Ask Saab 58

Question: Hi Saab Ganda :) San kaya ko makakabili ng Belo Sanitizer? Wala sa Mercury at Watsons e. :) Thanks A: Hello! They’re available in all leading supermarkets! Question: Which do you prefer underwire bra or wireless? A: I prefer no bra hehe. But all my bras have underwires or are stick-ons Question: Hi, Saab….

Ask Saab 57

Question: I will never forget the day I saw you in person. I think it was 2 years ago. Your band went to UPLB to perform in our school’s event. I love you and sobrang ganda mo. Wala pala akong tanong hahaha Answer: Hehehe bawal yan!! But thank you!! Hope to visit UPLB again some…

Ask Saab 54

· Photo from Healthy Skin magazine ·

Q: Hey Saab! My boyfriend is about to go work abroad. I was wondering what good gift should I get him since I won’t see him physically for 3 years? ❤️ Nica A: Ooooh maybe something to help you stay in touch? Have you been together for a long time? Get him a laptop. Haha!!…

Ask Saab 53

· Photo by Paul Rosalinas ·

Q: You inspire me to do better with my blog, Saab! Thank you! What camera and app/photo editor do you use? A: Yay :) I’m glad to hear that! I use my Sony A6000 and Adobe Lightroom 5! Q: What is your advice to a teenager girl who is still unsure of her feelings towards…

Anniversary in Siargao: A Surprise From Jim

On our second morning in Siargao, I woke up bright and early! I let Jim sleep in a little bit more while I read my Miranda July book over coffee. Once Jim woke up, we headed straight to Very Good Nice for another surf sesh — do I sound gnarly yet?? Yuck haha. We were…

Ask Saab 51

· Photo: Kenneth Caballa, YS Prom 2016 ·

Question: Will you ever consider petting a cat? Hahaha A: You mean touching a cat in a loving way? Hehe. Yeah of course, I’ve done that plenty of times. If you mean having a cat as a pet, I’ve considered it. But I think taking care of Joey is enough for me at the moment….