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Anniversary in Siargao: A Surprise From Jim

On our second morning in Siargao, I woke up bright and early! I let Jim sleep in a little bit more while I read my Miranda July book over coffee. Once Jim woke up, we headed straight to Very Good Nice for another surf sesh — do I sound gnarly yet?? Yuck haha. We were…

SaabTV: Yoga Challenge with Lulu

I don’t usually think of milk. I guess it’s just not something one takes the time to think of. I mean, it’s part of every shopping list I’ve ever made but I don’t actually take the time to sit down and think of dairy. That would be weird, wouldn’t it? But today I found myself…

SaabTV: Surprising Mama for Christmas

Wanted to do something special for the cutest mom in the world! ;) She was so surprised, guys! Check it out! HINT: I’ve NEVER done this… EVER. #ChristmasMiracle #LitAsFamily Click here to download the app we used, Google Duo: https://goo.gl/CzViim ♥, Saab

Wake Up With Jim & Saab: Valentine’s Day 2016

Our Valentine’s offering: a new episode of #WakeUpWithJimAndSaab – yes, it’s now officially Jim’s name first since that’s the song we sang in the first episode, mali lang yung official opening slide. Haha. We shot this episode when we woke up this morning. Hopia like it! ♥, Saab


I’m not one to count my blessings but I will say this: if I did, I’d count you, my blog reader, as one of them FOR SURE (#blessed). Hehehe. Last month at my blog meet up to celebrate my blog’s 12th anniversary, I had the best time with some of Spell Saab’s readers. It was  a fun-filled…

SaabTV: Saabasketball Episode 2

As you may have learned by now from watching the first episode, I know very little about basketball. So here’s a video of my husband asking me questions about the subject and me basically bullshitting my way through it. DISCLAIMER: SAABASKETBALL is taped in front of a live studio audience of two. The questions asked…

SaabTV: Getting LASIK Surgery

All my life, I’ve suffered from Error of Refraction. I have nearsightedness with terrible astigmatism and I finally decided to do something about it! I got LASIK surgery last month for my birthday! Since I saved you all from the horrors of a visual step-by-step of the process, here are the steps in LASIK surgery:…