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Hey, just to update anyone who wanted to know, I’ve chosen my five favorite answers. Going through the entries was bittersweet — you never really think about the number of people who don’t get to celebrate with their loved ones (either because of physical distance or, well, the permanent separation of death), and reading your Christmas wishes made me realize that I take so many things for granted.

So thank you, guys, for sharing a bit of your lives with me. I couldn’t ask for anything better this holiday season.

I chose my top five with no set criteria because this contest is largely non-serious and also something personal for me, and as much as I’d like to give stuff away to every single one of you (especially those who are still missing beloved family members), I’ve only got one planner. Some, I chose because I agree with them and I think that we really need what they wish for. Some, I chose because I hope that somehow, they will come true for the people who wished them. (Because they are still very much possible.) I’m not going to offer any further explanation behind my choices.

Without further ado, in no particular order, the five entries that Ramon and RA will choose the winner from. (Tumblr names withheld just in case you’d rather keep it private. Unless you want me to include it, of course; Formspring me if you do.)

  1. I wish for the world to consider the truth that we are all connected and each action/decision affects the other — for the people to believe, AND know, that we can all make a difference if we only try.
  2. I got tons of wishes. But this one will always be on top of everything. To hear my 8-year-old brother speak and call me “ate” would be enough to melt my heart. He has mild autism and has been attending special school for the past 5 years.
  3. I want to be selfless this Christmas so instead of wishing for love for myself, I wish that the best presidential candidate will win. One that sticks to his/her word. A candidate who is selfless and wants what’s best for the country.
  4. Hope. I don’t care what the hope is for. Hope to live, hope for tomorrow, hope for that guy/girl we dream about each night. As long as there’s hope, there’s a will to live—we can live 40 days without food or drink, but die in a minute without hope.
  5. To complete my family again this Christmas. The last time we had Christmas together was 8 years ago. We’re totally apart: Mom’s in Kuala Lumpur, Dad’s in the States, and I’m here. I want to have noche buena with them and open Christmas presents under the tree.

Hey, Reggie, I’ll donate my Starbucks planner too! So you can have two winners :D Great idea by the way, I hope all these wishes come true >:D<

December 10, 2009
December 11, 2009