Spell Saab

I have to be honest, I was a teensy bit upset when I found out I was no longer going to be my family’s baby girl.

That’s me, then baby girl, on a horse.

But when this baby was brought home from the hospital back when I was 11 years old, all the selfish thoughts I had disappeared.

I never really played with dolls when I was a kid (I’ll save that story for another time) and here was the tiniest prettiest baby doll I had ever seen. I helped my mom out with changing diapers, preparing milk, fixing her baby bag, I never saw it as a chore because I was just overflowing with love. We had two babies to take care of back then, Clara Santita came a year after Arkin Luciano.

I can’t believe Clara is now an actual teenager. She turns 13 today.

Clara, here are a few things you can thank God for giving you:

You’ve got the makings of a princess

You’ve got ates and kuyas you can ask help from when you are not feeling as tough as you normally are (see: photo)

You’ve got an eye for fashion

You definitely have good taste

You have an amazing sense of humor

You are incredibly beautiful

You are going to make so many boys cry in the future (WHEN YOU’RE AT LEAST 16 OKAY?!), but for now I encourage you to keep on reading your books, use the Internet for learning new things, expand your knowledge on things that interest you. Forget about being popular and having to be “cool” at your age. Remember – people who peak in high school usually end up really lame :p

Even if you’re almost taller than me (YOU ARE NOT) and you turning 13 reminds me that I am turning 25, I still love you with all my heart <3

Happy birthday, baby girl!!!