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I saw this video of Lea and Lily 3 weeks ago and just last Friday I met them in person! We played a gig at Saguijo for Jam 88.3’s Fresh Filter Live featuring fresh independent bands! Lea and Lily are from indie folk band The Ransom Collective. So cute that they just tried figuring out the chords and lyrics on their own hehe. Thanks so much, Lea and Lily!!

For anyone else who wants to cover Accidents, here are the chords and lyrics:

Verse: C – Am
Chorus: F – Emaj – Am – F

Accidents inside your home
I was an accident inside your home

My band has died
And so my life ends
I blame the timing
I blame who made it
Mismanaged younglings
This time I was thinking wrong –
That my birth right counted
And that I deserved it

But my children said
“We are your stars,
you will never be alone,
we will never be alone
inside your home”

It’s all the same, you sleep at night

Calling out the animal, the animal inside of you

Here’s a video of our SoFar Sounds set months ago

It’s not our best set ever, it was the day after we got attacked by a bunch of drunk mother fuckers and we spent the night at the hospital and police station. No sleep and still shaken up after being punched several times in the head, we went to our scheduled gig and tried our best to act normal. ANYWAY hopia like it!! If you ever make a cover, just post a link on the comments below so I can watch it :):)



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    August 19, 2014

    Finally!!!! Been waiting for this since forever <3

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      August 20, 2014


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    August 19, 2014

    Thanks for posting the chords and lyrics, Saab! I’ve been mouthing the lyrics for far too long. Good thing I was 98% correct! Haha. Anyway, ang galing nyo pa din sa set na yan to think na you guys just got through that horrible experience!

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      August 20, 2014

      THANK YOU <3