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COMMERCIAL (agad): Before anything, I want to thank @dharlyns for sending me these cute, fun hair ties!




So cute!!



Anyway – I just found these photos I took after my Japan trip! I’ve got some backlog going on haha sorry! Will post about Singapore and Baguio very soon, hopefully today!

You know how Jim and I are both in a band called Cheats, right? Well our original keyboard player had to step back to focus on his other band. We were looking for a new keyboard player but decided to just let Jim do it since he CAN play keyboards. The only problem is that his crazy energy is a little cramped by a huge keyboard. We know because we tried it at a gig! We don’t really want to spend for a keytar because it’s too expensive. It’s really bad ass though. Raymund Marasigan of Pedicab uses a keytar ♥

Photo by Regina Belmonte

Jim had just purchased a Casio mini keyboard from Tokyo for a lot less so I tried my hand at transforming it into a keytar, inspired by our former keyboardist Cholo Hermosa of Yolanda Moon. Yup, we were like – why didn’t we just do that in the first place?! Haha. We played a lot of gigs without keys and decided we really sounded better with it.


I bought this Command mounting tape from a hardware store that I used to mount my paintings because ain’t nobody got time (and skills) for a drill.



Obviously, it failed. It works using velcro technology and I guess that’s just not ideal for something that will involve movement unlike the painting on my wall. I had a feeling that would happen but ang tigas ng ulo ko I wanted to try it parin. Haha. It’s a good thing I bought these hooks (also Command brand) and strategically placed them on the keyboards.



It’s perfect and it’s been a month with no problems at all! Woohoo!


I’m ready for my Best Girlfriend Fiancée Award. This isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just showing my appreciation. Thanks to brands that let me hang stuff without having to drill. Hahaha! I used the remaining hooks for behind my bathroom door!

Speaking of Cheats, I want to take this moment to share an awesome review by Jason Caballa of PinoyTuner:

Whenever I get asked what the fast-rising local indie outfit Cheats sounds like, I could only manage a single word: “Canadian.” Part of it is due to the band’s eight-member roster—three singers (one male, two female), two guitar players, a keyboard player, a bassist, and a drummer—and Cheats’ live performances definitely evoke a “the more, the merrier” vibe that high-profile Canadian indie rock collectives like Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, and The New Pornographers have given off onstage. Musically, they’re no slouches either, as their individual resumés include either prior or current experience with the likes of Ernville, Wilderness, Yolanda Moon, Duster, and Frills, among others. Cheats’ debut single, “Newspaper Girl,” possesses the lo-fi grandeur of Funeral-era Arcade Fire as well as catchy vocal harmonies a la The New Pornographers, and while it doesn’t disappoint, it’s far from the band’s best work, if you’ve seen them live and know what they’re capable of. Think of it as a teaser of greater things to come (i.e. the band’s upcoming full-length album produced by some guy named Ely Buendia), but in the meantime, do yourself a favor and catch Cheats live. It’ll be the best party you’ll ever attend.


Catch us this May:

  • 3, Saturday – Heima Brixton
  • 7, Wednesday – Saguijo
  • 10, Saturday – White Space, Pasong Tamo
  • 20, Tuesday – Route 196
  • 24, Saturday – Foodstock, New Manila & Drink-Up, The Fort
  • 27, Tuesday – Saguijo
  • 31, Saturday – Salcedo Village




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    April 29, 2014

    Yay! Would love to watch your band! ❤️

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      May 14, 2014


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    Jacqui Franco

    April 29, 2014

    How cute ♥

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    April 29, 2014

    i wanna watch you guys but i dont know where are those places :P

    google ko nalangs :D

    usually mga what time kayo tumutugtog?

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      May 14, 2014

      Our time slot is usually somewhere between 10pm-12am!

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    April 29, 2014

    Very clever sa keyboard! :))

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    Genevie S.

    April 29, 2014

    I love the hairbands!! They are all so gorgeous!!!! <3

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      May 14, 2014

      They are!:)

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    Andrea Cuachin

    May 8, 2014

    I love newspaper girl!! <3

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    May 24, 2014

    Where do you usually buy your dresses? Love em all!!!

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      May 25, 2014

      Topshop :)