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Since both Maxx and I went out of town on our birthday weekend, we celebrated again with our beshies a week later! It was just an intimate gathering of our group (Megan and Lauren couldn’t make it!) since they’re such a big part of our lives.

We got a table at Skye at The Fort and things were going really well until my peach, Adrianne, came back from the bathroom. He looked very flustered and after a little bit of prodding he told us what happened.

For your information, he is one of my many gay friends but he is very reserved and never blatantly hits on guys! He’s also very pretty <3


He actually wrote about the incident on his Facebook page and I’d like you to read some snippets in his own words:

Just like any other establishment in Manila, Skye has comfort room protocols which are strictly implemented; strict enough that there are bouncers situated in the area to lead guests to the right loo- men in the men’s and women in the women’s. No buts.

As an educated human being, he followed the rules.

There was a short queue outside which I patiently waited in line for. The moment I went in the [bathroom], I planted my face almost against the cubicle door, put my head down and patiently waited for the one ahead of me. This has been a routine of mine whenever I use communal toilets to spare everyone, the guys and myself, from further awkwardness. 

You see, I have nothing against using the men’s room. I’ve been using it all my life but unlike before when I still kind of fit the mold of what a guy ought to look – sporting short hair, wearing long sleeves and brogues, now it’s different. Before, whenever I’d have make-up on, I’d just put my head down and I’d magically blend in. Now, I have slowly physically transitioned from being a mere Adrian to officially an Adrianne. There is no denying- my hair, my clothes, my svelte figure (anuraw?), I have blossomed into a full pledged “i-don’t-know-what-to-make-of-myself-yet-either.”

Anyway, going back, while waiting for my turn, a boisterous guy who acted like he owned the place barges in and starts asking everyone “Is that a boy or a girl?” I mean, duh. I didn’t know if I should be flattered or not but regardless, his rude tone says it’s otherwise. I looked at him and he repeats his question again, now asking me directly. “Are you a boy or a girl?” as he points a finger at me. I didn’t mind him. I went inside the cubicle, did my business and from inside overheard him causing a scene outside. “He should be using the other room. Hindi dapat pinapapasok yan dito.” I took a minute to gather myself, went out and headed straight to our table. I was shocked and dumbfounded to say the least. I was so shaken that someone had the nerve to embarrass me in front of people. With the giggles, the laughing stares, and the awkwardness that filled the room, I found myself stunned and perplexed with what had happened that I wasn’t able to stand up for myself. I was at a loss for words. 

And as we heard the story, so were we. We couldn’t believe that this could still happen in this day and age where the number of successful gay people in the Philippines are countless!! We immediately stood up to give that guy what he deserved. It was a good thing that we had bumped into our good friend, top make-up artist and a solid LGBT supporter Jigs Mayuga so he heard everything that happened. Thanks, Jigs!!

We didn’t want to be scandalous but we also didn’t want that guy to get away with it so we asked the bouncers and management to escort the guy out of the club. It was pure disrespect and we didn’t want him to ruin our night.

One of his friends kept apologizing to us because he had been in the bathroom when it happened. He was very nice – can’t say the same about his friend who returned half an hour later escorted by management and he was apologizing to me and my sister. He kept saying “I was kidding!” – what a load of crap. I told him, “Look at my friend in the eye and apologize to HIM!” and so he did. Obviously it was only to pacify our group and to get back in the club. My wonderful peach, Adrianne, who definitely did not deserve this at all called him a dick but accepted his apology. LOL.

More of Adrianne’s piece:

I never thought it’d happen to me, but it did. Many [much] graver acts of injustice and discrimination happen everyday all around the world and I believe that by starting small in getting news of things like this out there and teaching others what’s right and what’s wrong will make a difference.

As for which comfort room to use. I say we should be given the liberty and the freedom to choose whichever toilet we’d rather use. It is a COMFORT room anyway. We should all have the right to be comfortable when doing our business- regardless of your sexuality and sexual preference.

We all love you, Adrianne! Let’s stop this kind of discrimination!! I feel for you if only for the fact that you have to use the stinky men’s room. HAHAHA!

So the party went on and we all had a blast knowing fully well that we’d always have each other’s backs <3


Love you guys!