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Eat Girl: Nahm (Asia’s 5th Best Restaurant)

August 15, 2017 0 Comments

When Lauren and I arrived in Thailand a couple of weeks ago, we went straight to our hotel to get settled. We were a little hungry from our flight and it just so happened that our hotel, COMO Metropolitan had a 5-star restaurant at its lobby. It was 2:30PM and the kitchen was just closing up when we got there. Surprisingly, the host said they would adjust and make us their last customers before closing. We felt very special 💕

Yaaas, mimosas!

Lauren has this thing for Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, a curated list that updates every year. A quick Google search told us that we were in much-coveted seats of Asia’s 5th Best Restaurant! We got even more excited to try the food!!

Fresh pineapple slices topped with minced pork and peanuts

The whole meal was a treat from Tourism Authority of Thailand, the people who invited us on the trip. Nahm’s waiter was so kind and patient with us as we deciphered the menu and he even gave us these appetizers even if we didn’t order it. And I’m still so grateful because it was incredibly delicious. The sweetness of the pineapple mixed with the minced pork and peanuts — UGH! Our taste buds were so happy. It was the perfect start to an amazing meal.

Pork and lobster with shredded ginger and thai citron

Nahm’s head chef is actually Australian. Chef David Thompson respects the fact that Thai dishes are well known for their heat but he puts a little more finesse into it to balance out the flavors. And, boy, what flavors. *drools*

Coconut and turmeric curry of blue swimmer crab with banana blossoms and Asian pennywort; Stir-fried cured pork with tomato and fiddlehead ferns

Grilled corn and prawn salad with lemongrass and wild almonds

Did I mention it came with unlimited rice?😅 Yeah, I gained 6lbs from our entire 5-day trip because I didn’t hold back. Hahaha! I’m back to my pre-Thai weight though so no harm done.😂

I think I’ll copy Lauren and make it one of my life’s goals to eat at all 50 restaurants on this year’s list. Or maybe just the Top 10. Hehe. The Philippines has one restaurant on the list (Gallery Vask is at #35) and I’m happy to say I’ve eaten there already. Hmm maybe this is my road to becoming into a foodie?!😱 I don’t know much about describing food though. It’s just either “MMMMM!!!” or “Meh” hahaha. I’ll share photos nalang to entice you 😅

COMO Metropolitan Bangkok, 27 South Sathorn Road, Tungmahamek Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
+66 2 625 3388


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