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Eat Girl: Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Cheeseburger

March 31, 2017 2 Comments

Planning date nights can get a little tricky after some time. It’s hard to constantly look for new, affordable places week after week.

I think one of the reasons why I keep going back to Tokyo Tokyo is the fact that they always bring something new to the table. Their latest offering is a Japanese staple served the American way: the Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Cheeseburger.

For only P160, you get a Wagyu beef patty served with fresh lettuce, sliced cheese, special sauce, sandwiched between a buttery brioche bun. The Tokyo Tokyo burger serves up a quarter pound of 100% locally-raised Wagyu beef.

Top left: Rising Sun. Bottom left: Wagyu Cheeseburger. Right: Wagyu Double Cheeseburger.

Like I said, Tokyo Tokyo never settles and always tries to one-up themselves. If you want something to wake you up, you can get the Rising Sun for only P175. It’s the Wagyu cheeseburger served with egg, plus onion rings drizzled with teriyaki sauce on the side.

If you’re feeling a little hungrier than usual, why stop at just one patty? You can get the Wagyu Double Cheeseburger for just P235. Of course, it’s my favorite out of the 3. Hehe.

Definitely consider Tokyo Tokyo for your next date night!




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    Kimberly Rodriguez

    April 5, 2017

    Wow, i’ll try it later. Hindi ko masyado napapansin ang Tokyo Tokyo pero thank you dito ate Saab. Bibili ako ng wagyu cheeseburger mamaya. 😍😋

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    Kristel Mantilla

    April 21, 2017

    Oooh. I’m a burger lover 😁 gonna try that monster 😁 thanks saab 😘