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Speaking of 2010. MEET THE MACHINE!

Meet the Smartmatic PCOS machine. (Precinct Count Optical Scan)  It will scan your ballot, “count” it, transmit the info at the end of the day via DSL or however the Comelec deems best (pwedeng through a Telecom) -and it will print a very very very long receipt that will proceed to confuse an already confused Comelec poll watcher.

But have no fear! The machine looks nifty, like a fat PS3 – but it has 2 buttons, 1 red and 1 green.  These buttons say ‘CAST’ and ‘RETURN’ … when I asked the Smartmatic demo guy and the Comelec man what those buttons do exactly – they said, nothing. So I said – so if I press either of them, nothing happens? Nothing, they chimed. Why is it there then? We don’t know.

You MUST be feeling so optimistic by now. Take heed – we have time. Get to know the PCOS machine more and how automated elections happen. Tun dun dun dun. / GMANEWS.TV has an election primer site called “YOUR VOX.”  Rock Ed supports Howie Severino’s Election Primer team. Check it out.

January 2, 2010
January 2, 2010